Getting iCload mail contact calendars on Galaxy Nexus????Support

  1. ndwgolf

    ndwgolf Well-Known Member

    Has anyone managed to get there mail, contacts and calendars synced to there Nexus via Apple's iCload????. If so please can you help me do it as I am struggling to get my google apps mail synced..........and I used the iCload to get my Google Apps mail on my iPhone before

  2. mzjin

    mzjin Well-Known Member

    I don't think iCloud servers will sync to a non-iCloud device. It works with Microsoft Outlook and that's about it for non-Apple stuff I think.

    Switch everything over to the Google and use that instead. There's really no difference, except Gmail is so much superior to @me mail. I use both though.
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  3. ndwgolf

    ndwgolf Well-Known Member

    I will do that

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