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Getting Incoming Calls Redirected to Groove IP on T-Mobile

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  1. zeth006

    zeth006 Well-Known Member

    Hey guys,

    I've got a question that relates to Groove IP. I'm on T-Mobile's $30 monthly prepaid plan, so I'm interested in finding ways to avoid using minutes.

    I've set up my Groove IP account settings so that calls are forwarded to Gchat. But when people call my T-Mobile number, those calls get directed to my T-Mobile number so I use minutes.

    Does this have anything to do with the way T-Mobile disallows setting up voicemail on prepaid phones? :confused:

  2. snrb

    snrb Well-Known Member

    GrooVe IP can only receive calls made to your Google Voice phone number.
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  3. zeth006

    zeth006 Well-Known Member

    Really?! Darn! So at this time, it's not designed so that GIP redirects incoming calls to my GIP # when people try to call my TMO number, huh?

    Best bet in that case is just to hand out my GIP number only and if the internet in my area is so bad that people can't hear me over my data/wifi connection, I'll just have to bite the bullet and use my minutes to call them.

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