Getting MSL for Sprint Easily

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  1. jdsingle

    jdsingle Well-Known Member

    I know this could PROBABLY go into the Sprint forum...but as I am a 3V0 owner much like all of you and I needed my MSL to change something here is a very quick and efficient way to get it short of just asking Sprint for it.

    I've done this with 3 different 3V0s now. Call up Sprint, tech support, your 3G speeds are dog slow (15kB/s up and down). Tried it in a couple of cities no luck. When they have you dial ##3282# (##data#) you will get your MSL code. Worked on 3 different phones and took less than a minute to get it on each.

    Just sayin'

  2. schmeggy929

    schmeggy929 New Member

    Yeah you dont get your MSL number that way. You need your MSl number to edit from ##3282#. You have to be rooted and download MSL reader or call Sprint and ask for it. Some say they got it no questions asked. I wasnt so lucky. So I rooted my EVO 3D and used MSL reader.
  3. jdsingle

    jdsingle Well-Known Member

    ...hence why I said call up Sprint tech support and after you dial ##3283# you'll get your MSL from them.
  4. Raynes

    Raynes Member

    Yeah, I did the same thing, only I was telling the truth. My speeds were dog slow, but that was because I was locked on 1xRTT. I actually just asked for my MSL code but they walked me through the whole fiasco anyway. I saved the code for future reference. I don't know why they're so stingy with that code when they're so willing to give it out if you actually have a problem.
  5. mak916

    mak916 Well-Known Member

    All you have to do is ask for it. Thats all I did. With my EVO I called in and asked for it. With my 3D I just walked in the store and asked for it. With my Photon, I asked for it while they were setting it up as I was buying it. It not really a hassle to get it.
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  6. loiczzr

    loiczzr Member

    Depend, i tried twice to get it by calling them with no luck....
  7. falconey

    falconey Well-Known Member

  8. jdsingle

    jdsingle Well-Known Member

    Plenty of people post on here saying that they ask and Sprint reps said absolutely not. I'm just giving another way of possibly getting it easily with no one saying it hasn't worked yet.
  9. mak916

    mak916 Well-Known Member

    I understand what your saying. If there was any way to get it other than dealing with Sprint, I'm all for that too. Just for me, I've never had problem getting it from them. Does anyone know if Radio Shack or Best Buy has access to these numbers? I know they can access your account to see when you are eligible for upgrades. Might be worth checking into.
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  10. Knewz

    Knewz Well-Known Member

    You can also use CDMA Workshop. It's a paid app but since you only need to retrieve MSL once you can use the trial version.

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