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  1. sandrajst

    sandrajst New Member

    Just got this new phone - quite a comedown from my HTC HD2 which got smashed.

    I can download my musicfiles onto my sd card but cannot get them to play - it says does not play this music file format - I downloaded them onto my pc from cds via windows media player - anyone know how I get them to play on the phone or app that will help.

    Grateful thanks

  2. GIR

    GIR Well-Known Member

    What format are the files in?
    Dont forget Android is a Linux variant, so some of the formats used by other operating systems may not be compatible - if you read through the phones user manual is does list the formats supported.
  3. Ryanteck

    Ryanteck Well-Known Member

    i think you need a mp3 as it dont have any wmv or wma codecs :)
  4. Mazda_old

    Mazda_old New Member

    Need to convert CD to MP3. Down load a free WMA to MP3 Converter.
    Put WMA to MP3 converter into Google to find one.
  5. Motor_mad

    Motor_mad Member

    download itunes and put your songs on there it converts them into mp3 for you :D
  6. cowboy46

    cowboy46 Member

    Try VLC player??
  7. SuburbanSteve

    SuburbanSteve Member

    I have put a lot of MP3 music on my racer and they work fine along with audio books in MP3 format, good luck mate

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