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  1. drew051

    drew051 VIP Member VIP Member

    Hi everyone,
    I just joined the forums and am also new to android! I am a long time iOS user and use mac exclusively in my household/work but I am moving more and more to google after using the android for a few short weeks. It is taking some getting used to but I am enjoying it.

    I am currently using the HTC One X+ but have also ordered a nexus 4 due to a friend using one and loving it.

    What are your thoughts on this phone over the one x+. I figured I will play with both and go from there.

  2. JunBringer

    JunBringer Well-Known Member

    Congrats dude! I came from iPhone awhile back too. I haven't used an HTC phone since the Evo 3D but I'm sure you'll notice the difference since HTC puts "Sense" on their phone, which is their skin and software while the Nexus is vanilla android straight from Google. They both of their advantages really, as Sense has a few cool features that the Nexus doesn't have and probably vice versa.
  3. drew051

    drew051 VIP Member VIP Member

    What is the exact meaning of "Vanilla"?

    Does that mean no bloatware etc?
  4. Skyroket

    Skyroket Well-Known Member

    Yes no bloatware, no manufacturers skins or extra apps, pure clean vanilla android. You'll love it.
  5. new optimus

    new optimus Well-Known Member

    Not entirely true, but it will depend on your definition of "bloatware"
    Google is putting more and more "google bloat" in but for the most part its free of carrier crap.

    Vanilla is much more though then just free of carrier crap. The skins samsung (touchwiz) and htc(sense) and motorola's (blur) are the real difference.
    I have only used touchwiz a few times and not for long, I had a galaxy s 2 for a week or 2 and for all but the first 2 hours it was running cm10.
    I have used htc sense for slightly longer but not much. I like pure android way better then the extra widgets and dodads that the manufacture thinks is the way to go. I think LG may even have their version but I dont recall what it is.
  6. Skyroket

    Skyroket Well-Known Member

    ohh yeah google recently added tons of bloatware( more like a products) but its still pretty annoying that's why i disabled some of them


    N4 ( excuse me for my paint skills just wanted to fir everything in one pic) LOL

  7. sean76

    sean76 Well-Known Member

    @ the OP...

    Welcome to our humble Forums & the World of android!

    So where to begin Grasshopper...

    I'd say your breaking into android just right by going with the nexus 4, it's the absolute best android experience, pure and fairly simple...the way Google intended it to be.
    It's a great device and I'm sure you'll adapt to it very quickly, especially coming from ios

    I to am entrenched in the world of Apple...I have an iphone 5, an ipad mini, and just last week gave myself a nice present, a spankin new 13 inch Retina Macbook pro.

    However...My nexus 4 is my daily driver, and my nexus 7 gets a lot miles out of it for quite a few tasks on a daily basis. I guess you can say I'm married to both OS'

    If any questions at all, this is the place to ask em...Welcome to the party
  8. Maxzillao

    Maxzillao New Member

    did anyone else hear about the rumored phone x by motorola? Now I don't know if i should wait for that, or get the Nexus 4 now!:mad:
  9. sean76

    sean76 Well-Known Member

    No really, an X Phone, from Moto, the company Google owns? Nope haven't heard a thing bout it.

    lol...Kidding man, Welcome to the Forums :D

    Yes we've all heard about it and a lot of us have been following it since news broke about it.

    However it remains to be seen if the X phone will actually be a pure Google device with a Vanilla OS or have some sort of over lay on it. It also remains to be seen just how the X phone will be sold, unlocked through the Play Store, or through carrier channels...Nobody really knows, just a lot of assumption at this point.

    Either way I'd say if you can get your hands on a nexus 4, get it! New Technology is always around the corner, trying to stay on top will drive you mad. Do whats best for you at the moment...Good Luck
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