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Getting new phone tomorrowGeneral

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  1. Prso9

    Prso9 Well-Known Member

    So, I have been reading on this forum that when buying a phone through P4U, Orange take 2 days to activate the new sim. Well, I haven't even got my phone yet because when royal mail tried to deliver it to my house, I was at work!! and my new sim has been activated!!!! Guess I'm one of the lucky one's as I only have to survive tonight and tomorrow morning without receiving texts or calls and then I can play with my nice new Xperia S straight away :D

  2. gabbyevs

    gabbyevs Well-Known Member

    that was quick-i think maybe theyve upped the time or something a few of us had to wait five or six days
  3. Prso9

    Prso9 Well-Known Member

    I have read that gabbyevs and I had come to terms that I wouldn't be able to use my phone until the weekend, but I have now collected my phone and it's working :D. Looking forward to finishing work and being able to play about with it.
  4. gabbyevs

    gabbyevs Well-Known Member

    enjoy :)

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