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  1. MV6Matt

    MV6Matt New Member

    Hello everyone,
    Been using the Arc S since April. Really like it!

    However, since PC Companion has been installed I cannot get 'media go' to do anything (which I presume is how I am able to move stuff?).
    Prior to this wonderous new innovation I could move stuff easily
    The USB cable works fine and PC Companion tells me that my phone is up to date.
    If you click on 'media go' it sits permanently loading (with the spinning blue dot circle - nothing ever happens) - I've left my phone overnight once - in the morning, still loading.

    I am at a loss how can I get photos off the phone to my PC without resorting to emailing myself 1 or 2 pictures at a time (the only way so far)

    Where do I need to start?:confused:
    Can anyone help or advise, please?


  2. brit9

    brit9 Member

    Connect Arc S to computer.
    Click windows LOGO
    Click on "Computer"
    Expand computer
    Expand Xperia Arc S
    Expand SD Card
    Expand DCIM
    Click on 100Andro
    Photos and videos will show
    Drag photo and videos to a folder on your computer
    Check that the photos are in the folder
    Delete photos and videos from the SD Card
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  3. MV6Matt

    MV6Matt New Member

    Thanks brit9 - I'll give that a go and let you know how I get on!

    Thanks for your reply!

  4. brit9

    brit9 Member

    Hi Mathew
    Brain never switches off, so you may still have a problem with my instruction.
    First action before following my instruction.
    Press right hand button on your Arc S, to bring up "Settings"
    Scroll settings to "XPERIA" and tap
    Tap "Connectivity"
    Tap USB Connection Mode
    Set to Media Transfer Mode MTP

    Now follow my original instruction.
    It just came into my head, I thought "What if Mathews phone is set up different to mine"
    Anyway, that should do it.

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