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  1. angelmat4

    angelmat4 New Member

    a little help please

    we were on vacation and camera broke i said no problem i'll use the tablet i have over 200 hundred pictures in it they are in the gallery HOW DO I GET THEN OUT SO I CAN PUT ON A DISK AND GET PRINTS MADE OF SOME OF THEN please help save me from the wife

    i have a sansumg 10.1 note 4.1.2

  2. excav8ter

    excav8ter Well-Known Member

    Can you take the memory card out and bring it to a photo developing place?
  3. Slow learner

    Slow learner Member

    If the photos are on a removable memory card, don't take out whilst the tablet is switched on, or use the unmount function in Settings/Storage.

    I haven't checked it out, but if it's like my 'phone, you may be able to connect it to a PC by USB cable and look at it as a storage device and copy across.

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