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Getting problems after installing nexus one's 3d gallery onto my htc legend?!

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  1. Alicialligator

    Alicialligator New Member This Topic's Starter

    Aug 12, 2010
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    lmao, okay this may sound kind of confusing but now theres no way i can put photos into my legend that will show up on the ORIGINAL PHOTO GALLERY, but it CAN show up on the 3D GALLERY. I'm trying to change the lockscreen on my htc legend and i have some nice photos of them i wanna use from PC to PHONE, but i cant seem to get the nice photos to SHOW UP ON MY ORIGINAL PHOTO GALLERY. so theres no way i can change my lockscreen now. oh geez. I've tried putting the lockscreen photos in different paths, folders, and ive tried changing the format and all that. It doesnt seem to work. After restarting my phone and all that too. Is there a way to get the photos that i transfered to my phone to show up in the phone gallery instead of just the 3d gallery? i dont want to delete the 3d gallery, its really pretty.


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