Getting ready to sell my old phone.

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  1. mg83

    mg83 Member

    I've got an Samsung Epic Tough 4G that I'm going to be selling. It was my first but the screen broke and I didn't have insurance. So I grabbed another off eBay. I'm keeping the SD card, and I've already formatted the phone. But it still contains my phone number and user name. Do I have to call Sprint about anything?

    Never sold a phone that didn't have a SIM card, so I'm kind of lost.

  2. andrdrulz

    andrdrulz Active Member

    If you call sprint they will deactivate your number on that phone after that you should be able to go into settings, privacy, then factory data reset. Just check over the phone for any left over media or contacts. Also look at your accounts and sync to make sure theyre removed.

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