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Getting rid of bookmarks in S3 without rootTips

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  1. redbikejohn

    redbikejohn New Member

    I read quite a few threads about this and found a way to do it by accident tonight. my S3 is on vodaphone and to get rid of the pre-installed bookmarks (that insisted on sitting at the top of the list and would NOT deleat) i went into the taskmanager, went to 'internet' and pressed the 'clear data' button. simple as that. no rooting required as per all the other threads on the net.

  2. bander68

    bander68 Well-Known Member

    It didn't work for my T-Mobile SG3. I downloaded Dolphin Browser, and found it to be a big improvement over the stock browser anyway. Zero bloat bookmarks.
  3. redbikejohn

    redbikejohn New Member

    It worked on my sister's phone (s3) last night.

    1. Long press on home button.
    2. Scroll up to internet.
    3. Select & long press
    4. Select app info
    5. Go to clear data and clear.
    6. Back to normal internet app. It says something bike sync with goggle
    7. Go to bookmarks, press menu, select all and delete, this is too get rid of goggle installed bookmarks.

    Now free to add your own bookmarks and sort as you like. Worked on Vodafone and orange S3.
  4. bander68

    bander68 Well-Known Member

    OK, following those (very accurate) directions, it worked! My only complaint - why did this thread come along about 3 months after I was trying to fix this! Now if I want to take advantage, I have to go back and re-add all of my bookmarks that I spent 3 months collecting on Dolphin LOL. I'm not sure if I'll switch back since Dolphin is pretty much flawless, but it's good to know somebody found a solution for the next person who comes along looking for it.

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