Getting Rid of "Instant Upload"Support

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  1. Tallmike00

    Tallmike00 Active Member

    Well, here is a real good one for you all: My 7.7 ended up with a folder in "Gallery" called "Instant Upload" and in it are some pictures I don't want. My daughters were playing around with my Nexus phone yesterday and took some silly pictures. They ended up in this Instant Upload folder in "Gallery" in my 7.7 and try as I might, I can't find a way to delete any of them or even the folder and its contents. If I click on other pictures in my Gallery, I do get the trash can showing up and I can delete those. This is quite frustrating.

    Anyone have any ideas?

  2. Tallmike00

    Tallmike00 Active Member

    I found out what to do. You have to log into your Google/Picasa account and delete everything there. Cumbersome, I think.
  3. lealea03

    lealea03 Member

    If you have the google+ app installed on your phone or tab, go into it, look for the photos option and delete the pics from there.

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