Getting rid of the compass on the main screenSupport

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  1. RAYJAY193B

    RAYJAY193B Member

    looking at the screen pictures and some of the screen do not have the compass on them /

    how do you hide or remove it



  2. Rafael

    Rafael Well-Known Member

    It should just be a widget. Long-press it and drop it in the trashcan at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Chaz21

    Chaz21 Member

    Alternately you could just drop it on one of your other screens. This makes it easier if you EVER do need it.
  4. kb0nly

    kb0nly Well-Known Member

    If you ever do need it you can add it back by pressing an empty spot on the screen and holding, then select widget, and select the compass. I just delete it... Its neat but i never use it.

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