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  1. Cr4a

    Cr4a New Member

    hiho, we are trying to get the text from a textfield and convert this string to a int/double value but it doesnt work. here is our code

    public void Addieren()
    string hallo = zahl1.getText();
    double d1 = Double.parseDouble(zahl1.getText());

    double d2 = Double.parseDouble(zahl2.getText());

    double ergebnis = d1-d2;
    ausgabe.setText = ergebnis.toString();


    zahl1, zahl2 are the two textfield ids.

    thx in advance

  2. Ride2Live

    Ride2Live Member

    There is no double type representstion for String type.
    You should use byteArray
    string hallo1 = zahl1.getText();
    string hallo2 = zahl2.getText();
    byte [] bytes1 = hallo1.getBytes();
    byte [] bytes2 = hallo2.getBytes();

    if text encoding - UTF-8, every byte in array its a char representation in integer.

    You cant simply convert String to Double or Int

    Tell me what you want to do with this strings?
    Math operations are not allowed for strings
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  3. Cr4a

    Cr4a New Member

    So with this operations i can do the 2nd part i want to do, thanks,
    but the main part which the question was about (sorry for not writing that in the first post), was programming a simple calculator.
    So i need double values. Is there any possibility to get double values out of textfields, or do i have to create other objects?
  4. Ride2Live

    Ride2Live Member

    Thats realy easy )
    double d1 = Double.parseDouble(zahl1.getText().ToString());
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  5. Cr4a

    Cr4a New Member

    well if it was that easy I'd be very happy.
    I still get the error "zahl1 cannot be resolved"

    Maybe i failed at creating the textfield?

    <EditText android:id="@+id/zahl1"
    android:hint="@string/zahl_1" />

    maybe a missing attribute? or do i have to declare a local variable? or just some completely stupid things? xD
    thanks in advance again^^
  6. Ride2Live

    Ride2Live Member

    You should initialize this view

    EditText myEditText = (EditText)findViewById(;

    then call it:

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  7. Cr4a

    Cr4a New Member

    thanks alot u saved my day^^

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