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  1. Familyguy1

    Familyguy1 Well-Known Member

    It was real simple on the eris but I tried on this with my fingernail and pulled pretty hard but it does not just "pop" off easily...

    So how do you do it?

  2. LadyX

    LadyX Well-Known Member

    I have ruined many, many, many manicures trying to get the back cover off ..
  3. UBRocked

    UBRocked VZW Nexus Please!!! VIP Member

    I lay the phone screen-down in the palm of my left hand. I apply pressure with my right thumb towards the middle of the battery cover (pushing the phone into my palm), and then use my right index finger at the pry point at the top of the battery cover.

    While I don't have to worry about breaking a nail, I have found this works best for me and it's pretty easy to remove. Long nails would make this a much more difficult task I'm sure. I saw a video at CES back in January with a female HTC employee showing off the phone...I thought I'd see here nail fly off towards the camera cause she was really struggling with it.
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  4. Familyguy1

    Familyguy1 Well-Known Member

    EDIT: Finally got it! by the way, where is the little thing you can check to see if you have water damage?
  5. willdogs

    willdogs Well-Known Member

    there is one water damage sticket on the battery I believe. Pull the battery out and look at where the battery contacts are. There should be a little white square near there.
  6. lamoglinsgal

    lamoglinsgal Well-Known Member

    Mine isn't too bad to get off, but not near as easy as my Incredible. I've only taken it off twice, though, and luckily I won't have to often!
  7. Bomfy

    Bomfy Well-Known Member

    I had a hell of a time the first time. Then I realized I have a ThinkGeek titanium spork (gotta use those points for something) and it works perfectly. Put the TB face down and put in the end of the spork handle in and a tiny twist and it will pretty much pop all the way off. No marks on my TB and it's finally a use for the spork.
  8. DawnGP143

    DawnGP143 Well-Known Member

    Damn near impossible. I use an old credit card to pop it off. Almost ripped off my fingernail. Wonder what genius came up with this one.
  9. nateap87

    nateap87 Well-Known Member

    i begin to pry at the intended little slot and work my way out to the side of the battery cover.
  10. mdeblaz

    mdeblaz Well-Known Member

    yea, really hard to take off... but I assume that's because the antenna is built into the cover - unlike the Eris or Incredible
  11. Lunacy

    Lunacy Well-Known Member

    Id rather have it hard to get off than the opposite. I would constantly pull my droid 1 out of my pocket with no battery cover on. I've almost lost it once too. That thing was way too loose.
  12. dyezak

    dyezak Well-Known Member

    I see the contact patch and metal strip you are probably thinking about, but that is not the phone's antenna. Want to test it? Take the cover off and leave your phone on... Signal strength doesn't budge.

    I don't know what that thing is, but it's definately *not* the LTE/CDMA antenna.
  13. garnto

    garnto Well-Known Member

    use your thumb to pry it open just a smidge, and then put your other thumbnail in the little crack it caused. then slide 2nd thumb down creating a larger crack til it just pops off

    easy peasy
  14. skinnhc

    skinnhc Well-Known Member

    Apply pressure with your thumb right under the HTC logo. Pry the opening with your other hand.
  15. MikeMBau

    MikeMBau Active Member

    The fact that the back cover is so difficult to remove is the only thing keeping me from buying a second standard battery.
  16. jcnyc

    jcnyc Well-Known Member

    It's quite simple. Just dig a finger (my nails are very short) into the top left corner (corner farthest from the camera) of the phone, put another finger right below it and just pull. Comes right off for me. Couldn't ask for anything simpler to be honest.
  17. LoyalServant

    LoyalServant Well-Known Member

    It's the GPS antenna iirc...

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