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  1. hubsabubs

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    Download these to a folder named Apps on your computer desktop.
    Don't worry they will show up in the AppInstaller with the name and not numbers.

    Framaroot using SuperSU Pro

    Titanium Backup


    (Google Play Store Free Download)
    (Google Play Store Free Download)

    So Basically in order to achieve my setup this is what you do.

    We are going to start from scratch. I found it easier to do it this way.

    If you have the Coolpad rooted, Unroot it. Using the option in whatever superuser APP you are using.
    Backup whatever contacts and anything else you want to save to your SDCard.
    Hard Reset your Coolpad back to factory state.
    Turn Coolpad on and let it create SD Card Directories before next step.

    I personally like having both Link2SD and RAMEXPANDER, so this is the tutorial I am going to use to explain on how to achieve my results.

    I suggest powering down the Coolpad and removing the SD Card and using an SD Card Reader for this next step. Almost neccessary actually.

    I use a LEXAR Class 6 16GB SD Card, got it at Big Lots for 9$. So sizes will vary on partitions depending on SD Card Size.

    Using MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition ( we don't have CWM access)

    You want to create 3 Partitions.
    1st partition being your SD Card access (Fat32)
    2nd Your Link2SD Parition (Ext2) for increasing Internal Memory
    3rd your RAMEXPANDER Partition (Ext2).

    It has to be in this order, it's imparitive.
    1) SD Card Storage Partition
    2) Link2SD Partition
    3) RAMEXPANDER Partition

    (If not Link2SD and RAMEXPANDER will go bonkers and the right partitions won't get used)

    Backup your SD Card to a folder on your computer desktop, this is imparitive.
    Note the drive letter of your SD card.
    Select your SD card from the listing and delete it.
    All your data will be gone at this stage.
    Now select “Create as” on that drive letter.
    Select “Primary”.
    If the size is less than 2GB, select file system FAT.
    If it’s more than 2GB, select FAT32.
    Do not select the whole card as partition size, select about 10.2GBs.
    Turn the slider to the left and leave some space “unallocated space” about 4.5GB if your using a 16GB SD Card.
    This will be used for the second and third “EXT2” partition of your SD card.
    Now, choose the unallocated space again and select Create as -> Primary.
    Now, choose EXT2 file system.
    Turn the slider to left and allocate about 2GBs for your Link2SD Partition
    Repeat the above step setting 2.5GBs for your RAMEXPANDER Partition.

    (I allocated 10.2GBs for my SD Card Storage, 2GBs for my Link2SD and 2.5GBs for my RAMEXPANDER)

    (I don't recommend using a 4GB or 8GB SD Card for this. Use a 16GB or higher, i'm sure you can use an 8GB but my preferences differ)

    Now, click OK and then click the Apply button from the top left of the window.
    It might take some time for the operation to finish.
    Once done, restore the data to your SD card.
    On Windows, you will always get connected to the first partition of your SD card because Windows does not recognize ext2 file system which is the second partition of your SD card for installing apps and games.
    At this point, you have just finished partitioning and restoring your SD card.
    Now you just need to configure Link2SD to connect to this second partition and link apps and games.
    Put the App folder you created on your SD Card.
    Remove SD Card from reader and place back in your Coolpad.
    Power up your Coolpad.

    Using Play Store download and install AppInstaller.

    1) Install Framaroot from the App Folder location.
    2) Run Framaroot and Choose SuperUser with SuperSU and click gimli, let it do its thing.
    3) Coolpad's Rooted. YAY!
    4) Reboot your Coolpad

    Installing and Configuring Link2SD

    Now is the time to download and install Link2SD application from Play Store on your Coolpad.
    Once installed, run the application.
    You may see a screen asking for Superuser Permission
    the first time you run it.
    Make sure to select Allow/Grant
    Note that if you don’t see this prompt, your Coolpad is probably not rooted.
    In that case, Root the Coolpad with Framaroot using SuperUser with SuperSU.
    On successful launch after gaining root permission.
    Link2SD will ask you to select the file system of your second permission. Remember we set it as ext2. So, ext2 it is.

    (It Automatically selects the first Ext2 partition you created. This is why we made the Link2SD partition first in the order)

    Upon OK-ing, your Coolpad will need to be restarted.
    Upon restarting your Coolpad, open Link2SD again and a dialogue will show up.
    Press OK and click the funnel looking icon.
    Choose On Internal.
    This will show up a list of apps and games installed on the internal storage of your Coolpad.
    Now select options and choose multi-select.
    Then press the select all button.
    All of these apps will be selected.
    Now, click Actions and then choose Create link.
    Check all three boxes and touch OK.
    Link2SD will now take a little time to move all these apps and games (except system files) and create a link with them from the second
    partition of your SD card.
    Touch OK when done.
    Almost done!
    Now, to make sure that every time you download something, it gets auto-linked to the second partition, do the following:
    Go to settings from Menu and touch Auto Link.
    Check all three checkboxes and you’re done.
    You’ll no longer have to worry about the ridiculously low internal storage on your Coolpad.
    To see the storage status of your second partition, you can always go to storage info within Link2SD application.

    Other Things to Know

    Now that your SD card has been linked as internal storage, Unless your Coolpads powered off, remember never to take out your SD card because that way, a lot — if not all — apps will stop working immediately.
    Mounting the SD Card to your computer via USB however does not have any affect on this. It will read the Fat32 partition only.

    Now onto the SwapIt RAMEXPANDER Partition setup.

    Install RAMEXPANDER with AppInstaller from your App Folder

    (Typically you would intstall Memory Info-Swap Check before to check to see if the kernel is swap capable, but i'll save you that step by telling you it is. I kinda caught on to this by reading up on the Coolpad and finding out it was exapandable up to 32GBs and checked for myself before I started. )
    What I did was touched the menu hardware button.
    Touched the SWAP Dir/Partition
    It will come up and say Wait a moment task will be executed.
    When it comes up and displays the partitions available to use for SWAP touch the last one on the list, the partition name should be something like mmcblk0p3 - Size value
    Message will popup saying you have a partition /dev/block/vold/179:3 selected all data on this partition will be lost
    Touch Ok, it will take you back to the main app.
    You then want to touch Swap activ
    Make sure autorun is checked
    Leave the notify icon checked if you want to see what ram is available in the notification bar, Uncheck it if you don't want it showing in your notifications
    Touch HyperMode to check it (Will say Hypermode Active)
    My SwapPart slider is set at max MB allowed
    Swappiness set to 90 works well
    and MinFreeKB should be at 45mb or so.
    Reboot your Coolpad to ensure every thing is set in place.

    Setting up SetCPU

    Install the SetCpu App from your App Folder with AppInstaller
    Open SetCPU App
    Grant SuperUser Access
    I selected Performance from the lower left combobox.
    Selected CFQ in the lower right combobox.
    Set my min value to 800
    Set my max value to 1000
    Check the Set on Boot box
    Reboot your Coolpad


    After your Coolpad is booted back up install Titanium Backup Pro from the App folder with AppInstaller.
    Open the App and grant it SuperUser access.
    This is a list of bloatware apps I have either backed up and uninstalled or frozen in the system to remove it.

    Android Keyboard 2.3.7 (because I use GO Keyboard)
    Android Live Wallpapers 2.3.7 (unless you actually use these)
    News and Weather
    Google Talk
    System Tutorial
    Magic Smoke Wallpapers 2.3.7 (Use ADW Theme Wallpaper)

    Android Appearance Change Apps I Use

    I've tried a lot of combinations
    These I found work and respond best with the Coolpad and never install or move to SD Card to keep them running right at all times.

    WidgetLocker Lock Screen

    ADWLauncher EX

    Go Keyboard + Pad Plugin
    (Google Play Store Free Download)
    ADW Notifier
    (Google Play Store Free Download)

    I don't much like using Go SMS Pro and GO Contacts EX because they get bogged down cause of the cache and custom user interface.
    I want these 2 things of all things stock so they respond the fastest and without issue.

    Other tools I found useful on a rooted phone, almost a necessity on a rooted phone.

    Root Explorer

    Busy Box Pro


    Lucky Patcher
    (Google Play Store Free Download)
    Voodoo OTA RootKeeper
    (Free Google Play Store Download)

    Root Explorer I use all the time for random different things, useful for putting a custom boot animation into the system.

    AdFree works great for getting rid of annoying ads from Play Store downloaded games and apps.

    Busy Box Pro + Lucky Patcher go hand in hand when it comes to removing verifications and ads from apps.

    I hope this helps everybody and all links provided are to free and full access apps. For finding apps and games I recommend..

    After installing Temple Run 2, Pinball Classics, ADW Launcher EX, go Keyboard and pad plugin, some themes and widgets. Some Root Utilities and all Apps updated I am sitting at 25mbs used 150mbs free on internal storage. 250mbs of RAM free at all times. I did a benchmark test on it and came out with roughly 50-60 fps and a rating of 1015. ePSXe plays FF7 at 58-60 FPS.

    Different Setups I've had on my Coolpad...

    Before Link2SD, SetCPU and RAMEXPANDER, First night after getting Coolpad

    Before SetCPU and RAMEXPANDER, End of first week after getting Coolpad

    After Link2SD, SetCPU and RAMEXPANDER, 2nd week after getting Coolpad

  2. robertzuby

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    Thank you very much. Will let u know how it goes. Im brand spanking new at this kind of stuff so thanks again
  3. 1234west

    1234west Well-Known Member

    I Wish I Still Had My Coolpad Lol
  4. 69carnivore01

    69carnivore01 New Member

    Forgive my ignorance but I have a question. When I set my second and third partitions for LINK2SD and RAMEXPANDER, how do I install them so I'm positive they go to the proper place? I am new at this process. Thanks!
  5. hubsabubs

    hubsabubs Well-Known Member

    Link2SD will automatically set itself to the first available ext2 partition. when you set the partition in RAMEXPANDER It will show only the 3rd because Link2SD has set exclusive rights to the first ext2 partition. That's why it has to be in that order because it you set the first partition to RAMEXPANDER, Link2SD wont find a usable partition, it will try and set itself to the RAMEXPANDER partition. I found that out the hard way and had to go back and redo everything.
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  6. 69carnivore01

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    Ok, so I did the Partition step and that was ok, but now the phone won't recognize the card. It wont show up but when I pull it out the phone says "Card Removed" My pc recognizes it but not the phone. It's a lexar 16gb class 4 card. Any ideas? Thanks
  7. Rinju

    Rinju Member

    I've done everything in this guide and my CoolPad is working excellently and I really appreciate it but I have a question. What exactly is swappiness? Also in the guide you stated that swappiness at 90 is good but in your last screen 2nd week after receiving your CoolPad your swappiness is at 35. Why is that? And does your phone run better at 35 swappiness?
  8. Rinju

    Rinju Member

    I also wanted to know if I should change the swappiness when casual on my phone or if I'm playing high end games and if so what values should I set the swappiness for each?
  9. hubsabubs

    hubsabubs Well-Known Member

    Oh I was playing with swappiness values one day seeing what worked effectively with what.

    For gaming swappiness 40-60 is good when just wanna multi tasking a value between 10-40 is good & enough
  10. vertoxz

    vertoxz New Member

    Hello, new member here :D ...I got a question.

    So I rooted my phone and installed file manager 10+, but when I go to system/app folder inside the file manager, I highlight an app and then click delete, it just does not delete. The app stays there as if nothing has happened, I have tried pressing Cut and still nothing....any idea what this is and how I can actually delete these apps(almost all bloatware) ?
  11. Taic00

    Taic00 Member

    Hello, first I would like to say thanks for your in depth instructions. I have followed your directions, but I'm having a problem with ramexpander. I've installed from your download and also from blackmart, but whenever I open the app it says that it needs license verification and then shuts down. I've also tried patching with lucky patcher. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  12. hubsabubs

    hubsabubs Well-Known Member

    like seriously mine that I did crack is now coming up failed verification. I just got married Saturday but im about to dive into it again. ill let you know in depth what steps to take to crack RAMEXPANDER. I will be back up n running shortly.
  13. Taic00

    Taic00 Member

    Congratulations on your marriage. Enjoy your honeymoon this can wait. Thanks for the response. :D :D
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  14. LilBit

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    Congrats on the Wedding!! :D
  15. JTRockZ

    JTRockZ New Member

    Hey guys! Im new here, Never rooted a phone before or done any of this stuff, ( I did do a tablet once long ago), ive been reading things over and preparing to do this to my Coolpad for the last few days now, So my questions here are mainly directed to hubsabubs but if anyone else knows and can answer also please do.

    #1 thing I want to know is if I do the factory reset will I loose settings that metro set up so the phone still works with my number/text/metro web etc,?? if so what to I need to do to restore all that?

    #2 I'd really just like to overclock the cpu a touch for a little better performance as well as get rid of all the bloat and extend my internal memory so should I go through all this or should I just root and go about the rest fo the stuff sepratley?

    I had more questions but figured them out while typing my post LOL.
    TIA for any assistance!
  16. JTRockZ

    JTRockZ New Member

  17. DonB

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    I re approved this thread after it was reported. Some of the links were from PAID apps, and that is against site rules, we suggest to buy the apps to support the DEV, we don't condone this action here. I took all the apk's out they can easily be downloaded from the play store and the paid one also, cheers. Thanks for understanding.
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  18. JTRockZ

    JTRockZ New Member

    Thanks for the Tutorial Hubsabubs,,, I went through and followed your direction yesterday and all pretty much went well however I had the same issue as 69carnivore had after setting up my SD card, so I installed it back in my phone and formatted it from the phone, then shrank the size down in minitool and skipped setting the sdcard partition, I just did the link2sd partition and the rameexpander partitions and it worked fine.
    Also since RAMEXPANDER was a zip file and had no way of installing I had to search for the APK, which I found but it was quite a bit different than what I see and read in your tutorial,,, I went ahead and just set the same numbers / settings as you listed in your post and all went well.
    a few of the links were dead, I wasn't able to find a recent version of AdFree but id rather have the ads to help support the apps anyhow. Don B has eliminated the links now anyhow.
    Im still wanting to do a few things with my phone that I cant seem to find or figure out but for the most part im happy with the results.
    id like to find a System widget that will show me my present Mhz usage and memory usage and a few other things. All in one toolbox seems to give me what I want but sorta lacks coolness,, I want gauges with numbers and graphs that look cool and are active but again im happy with the results.

    Maybe when your done with your honeymoon you could update the tutorial and figure out that failed verification issue.
    Rock On!
  19. Slug

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    Please don't bother, as the post will be removed. As stated in the Site Rules, Android Forums DOES NOT condone or support 'cracking' paid apps.
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  20. Tokenpoke

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    I love not having to be the bad guy. Lol

    Great guide, please keep forum rules in mind though.

    Ill try to find a free way to do this
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  21. hamhamt

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    much appreciated, squeezed out some more life out of a phone that was begging to be put to rest. :)

    gonna try and hang on to this one till I can get a nexus 4 on metro hopefully in august :)
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  22. hubsabubs

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    Ok sorry for the violation of the site rules. Sorry for the absence, been a busy busy couple of months. Thank you everyone for your best wishes and congrats. I have been holding out for the best with this handset but it seems it hasn't gotten the attention of the developers.. CDMA is on its way out next year neways so might as well deal with it til then. I don't really see much in store for this phone down the road other than a dark spot in the bottom of a landfill.
  23. Taic00

    Taic00 Member

    Hey Hubs, glad you're back. I have a question that I hope you can answer. I have my setup exactly like you directed and my question is about the ramexpander partition. My phone shows only a total of 180/mb with 74/mb of free space remaining, but link2sd shows only 74/mb used in the ramexpander partition. If I use the remaining space shown on my phone, will it automatically rollover to the ramexpander partition? Thanks in advance.:D
  24. Blackwise

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    This thread was very helpful and informative I appreciate your time!!

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