Getting the source for the stock dialer

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    Sep 7, 2010
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    Hey err'body. I use a Droid X, with which I've recently gotten on the root boat. Things are pretty rad; it runs up to 1.14 GHz now and doesn't afraid of anything. Except for the dialer. Since changing the LCD density to 200, I've run into the "Blur dialer hates changed LCD density" problem. So it crashes when I open it.
    From what I've found, it seems that I can't get the source for Android's stock dialer without getting all of the Android source. I don't have the space or need for all of it, so is there any way I can get just the dialer code? I plan to compile it and put it on my phone, and I'm well-versed enough in Java that I could probably tweak it if I saw it fit to. Help is appreciated!


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