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  1. Hlynch313

    Hlynch313 New Member

    Does ghost armor affect the use of the S Pen on the Note 2?

  2. devil_dawg

    devil_dawg New Member

    No, i have had the Ghost Armor on since i got the note2 a couple of weekes ago havn't had no trouble at all with it.
  3. james27007

    james27007 Look into my Eye VIP Member

    I had zagg for a month then ghost armor for the rest of the time on my note 1. Now that I found spigen, I will never use ghost armor or zagg again. GA and Z both are "thick and soft" compared to spigen, and when you write, it does not really mess with the s-pen (unless you are trying to draw in s-not) but it does leave marks/indents for a while. With Spigen, you can't even tell you have a screen protector.

    My advise, go with spigen.

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