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  1. Vibrant X2

    Vibrant X2 Guest This Topic's Starter

    I have Installed Ghost Armor on both our phones and so far they do a great job of protecting the screens as I carry mine around in a pouch with all kinds of hard objects and no scratches so far.
    It is a Wet application.
    Use coupon code GA4LAUP for 10% off

    The clarity is perfect I wouldn't know the protector is there.
    The "feel" is about the same as Glass, not as rough feeling as a "Zagg"
    This protector also covers the Whole screen unlike the TM that stops before the buttons.

    The only complaint I have is I can not get "Key Ring app" to work at Petco or Shaws ---Only stores I've tried at moment. Maybe the protector???

  2. VibrantBob

    VibrantBob New Member

    Sep 18, 2010
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    Thanks for taking the time to post this review X2.

    Just picked my Vibrant up yesterday & am dragging my feet on a case & screen protector commitments.

    Did you order your GA from the website or from a third party vendor?

    Still recommend it? (not sure what would change in a day, but you never know ...)
  3. Vibrant X2

    Vibrant X2 Guest This Topic's Starter

    Your Welcome,
    Yes I still recommend this as we have had them since 8/6 I wanted to give my opinion at least a month. Purchased directly from Ghost Armor standard shipping is fedex and it took 5 Bus days to get. I only bought the screen only.

    Use promo code GA4LAUP for an extra 10% off code should still work.
  4. Onemoa

    Onemoa Well-Known Member

    Sep 20, 2010
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    Do they scratch up like other screen protectors or is this one different in some way? I stopped using screen protectors since it would degrade the screen and with in a week you already have a bunch of scratches.. So I am just sticking with the Gorilla Glass and it has been holding up not one scratch and easy to wipe clean. but if I can find a screen protector that will not get ugly with in a week then I wouldnt mind it.. its just all 5 I have tried so far degrade the screen and scratch up and changing them sucks since you only get 2 in each order.. so to me it seems you spend just as much as protectors as you do with the service plan for the phone.. and the reason i got it is so if my screen cracked or got messed up I can get it replaced for a not bad price.. does anyone have any pics of the vibrant with scratched screens, not the ones on youtube when they have to take a blade to the phone..

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