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  1. nellisere

    nellisere Well-Known Member

    hey all, if you want the reliability of o2 coverage but also want, completely unlimited internet, unlimited texts and a choice of 100/300/unlimited minutes for

  2. versp

    versp Active Member

    Yea came accross them recently and switched. They're great and also love the community feel there.
  3. GringoMonkee

    GringoMonkee Member

    Mobile browsing restrictions coming in now i read?
  4. versp

    versp Active Member

    No, there was free 120mb per day until December. After December, you can still get truly unlimited data in a goodybag.

    P.S. If anyone wants a SIM shoot me a PM and I'll send you one (you get an extra fiver if someone already on them sends you one).
  5. tinks28

    tinks28 New Member

    I have a dell streak and also have a giffgaff sim but I can not the mobile network working does any one know what settings that are needed to sort this out
  6. Intruder

    Intruder Well-Known Member

    I have a Desire and been with giffgaff about 6 months :) Almost payback time... Woohoo

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