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  1. Morphie

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    I've noticed that animated GIFs don't seem to load in either the stock browser or Dolphin on my Samsung Stratosphere (Firmware 2.3.5).

    If I save the GIF to my phone and view it with the default picture viewer it will display the GIF as static for a few seconds, and then play it as an animation. This only works with the default picture viewer and ONLY if the file is saved into a true gallery and not from a hidden or zipped folder (so annoying, some GIFs aren't exactly SFW and I certainly don't want them in my main gallery).

    Is there a setting for this? Are others experiencing this issue?

    UPDATE: Seems to load GIFs on the web for a short period of time after performing a soft-reset, but eventually stops. Why would this be? The GIFs aren't that huge in size, and it loads MUCH larger JPEGs effortlessly without issue.

  2. Morphie

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