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  1. ThatonedudexP

    ThatonedudexP Well-Known Member

    Giftiz is an awesome new app about 10 days old. I could give you all whole paragraph explaining it, but it will save us both time if you search "Giftiz" and read the thread. Anyways, Giftiz is an app similar to **********. It was created by one of AF's very own members. :D

    This thread can be used to share your giftiz codes. After a person downloads the app, they can click the "code" button where a referral code can be entered. Doing so gives the new user 2 coins aka giftiz aka spins on the prize wheel. :p It will also give the person whos referral code is being used 2 coins as well. These spins can win you some awesome prizes.

    If this is the first time you've heard about Giftiz, then please go check it out! If you want, enter my referral code QKGIBD to give both of us some coins. :)

  2. Crocobill

    Crocobill Well-Known Member

    I am glad you like Giftiz.
    We worked hard on it ;-)
    Feel free to ping me if you have any questions regarding the app.
    Good luck with the referral codes ;-)

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  3. notme123

    notme123 Well-Known Member

    Mine is V865SV.
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  4. notme123

    notme123 Well-Known Member

    I'm enjoying Giftiz, but I'm wondering, about how many spins does it take to win a prize? I won the $5 Amazon gift card but now the $15 one is taking forever to win.

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  5. hutgap

    hutgap Active Member

    I'm downloadIng it. From the reviews I'm guessing it will be good. I like the idea too. Will post my code when it's done downloading
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  6. hutgap

    hutgap Active Member

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  7. Cutecat42

    Cutecat42 Well-Known Member

    The codes on this page are not valid because the owners of the codes have too many "god-sons". So if you just joined and need a referral code, you can always use mine (LFGWM1). I'm still looking for a code that I can use...
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