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Gingerbread 2.3.6 IssuesSupport

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  1. joto1000

    joto1000 New Member

    Not sure if this has been reported yet, but I upgraded to 2.3.6 yesterday on my Captivate and have some huge issues now:

    1. The screen PIN lock does not work 90% of the time. My employer requires me to have a PIN set to unlock my phone in order to receive emails from our Microsoft Exchange Server. This worked fine with 2.2, but since upgrading it no longer works. I went to AT&T...no help. They suggested that I buy a new phone with 2.2. I called Samsung...no help. They suggested that I do a factory reset!

    2. You lose the ability to manage your data connection as they have removed the feature that allows you to enable and disable the 3G connection.

    Hope this is some value to you all.

  2. MarcPD

    MarcPD Member


    I don't have those issues, but I do have an issue that while on Wifi, the 3G icon is still in the status bar, although not showing data transfer. I saw on other posts that this is an earlier issue with other Gingerbread releases (2.3.3) on other phones, and was a bug solved in a subsequent patch.

    Anyone else seeing this?
  3. nospam2

    nospam2 New Member

    screen PIN lock doesn't work on my gingerbread on Captivate too. i tried factory reset but it didn't fix the issue. only time i saw the pin login screen was when i left the phone for the overnight.
  4. OldCabanaGuy

    OldCabanaGuy New Member

    My battery life tanked after moving from 2.3.4. On the other hand, my ex says that the audio is much better. Can we all agree that battery life is important? :rolleyes:

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