Gingerbread 2.3.6 Official Update via ODIN + root

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  1. annson08

    annson08 Member

    I found the tutorial on xda-developers and i want to share it here.


    You will need:
    -USB CABLE AND THE S5570 ,doh!
    (the device should be recognized by your pc, if it isn't recognized download and install kies HERE)

    1) Download this version of Odin from HERE
    2) Download the firmware from HERE extract it
    3) Download OPS file from HERE
    4) Open ODIN and check these ONE PACKAGE,RESET TIME,AUTO REBOOT,PROTECT OPS. (Image below)
    5) Load the OPS file that you have just downloaded by clicking OPS on Odin and select TASS_v1.0.ops
    6) Click ONE PACKAGE button and load the extracted .tar file (S5570LWMKPJ_S5570LUUBKP8_S5570LWMKPJ_HOME.tar.md5)

    Here's a photo..make sure you get them right...

    7) Make sure that your phone is 70% charged, Turn your phone off
    8) Enter downloading mode by pressing VOL DOWN + OK BUTTON + POWER BUTTON.

    9) Connect the USB cable,now in Odin at COM PORT MAPPING is should appeare the USB cable as connected(COM1,COM2 etc)

    10) Click Start and go grab a cup of coffee and wait till the PASS text appear with blue background. (this is about 5mins or so)
    NOTE: disconnect your phone only, i repeat, ONLY when odin says PASS.

    11) Do a factory reset by turning again the phone off and entering recovery menu by pressing OK BUTTON + POWER BUTTON. (NOTE: touch screen isn't available here, use vol down to move down and ok button to select) Select "wipe data/factory reset", and choose yes when asked.

    WARNING: all data, including text messages and contacts will be deleted so make a backup.

    Credits to dany547 for his tutorial here


    Download DooMLoRD's Easy Rooting Toolkit.

    Extract the files to anywhere you want.

    Open runme.bat.

    Instructions will popup. Make sure you confirm all the instructions before proceeding.

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  2. yagya

    yagya Well-Known Member

    Here's another tutorial and step by step guide for you to flash/upgrade to Gingerbread 2.3.6.
    Handy Informations: How to Upgrade Samsung Galaxy Pop to Official Gingebread 2.3.6?

    For more help on Galaxy Pop/Mini follow the link on my signature. :)
  3. lan0710

    lan0710 New Member

    I'm using Galaxy mini & have already upgraded to Gingerbread v2.3.6. After upgraded, need to change the language to English [US] from Turkish. Anyway I'm happy now. Thanks. Those who need help to do this pls lemme know. I'm glad to help. Can sms me @ +6584981907.
  4. munshi8181

    munshi8181 Member

    sorry have u any solution for EFs file.....ill try to unlock but after this all things my IMEI change with all 000....and i googled there is EFS file something missing .....have any tutorial for restore EFS file....ill allready try 2.2.1 and 2.3.3 and 2.3.4 but its not work for me.......any other pls
  5. yagya

    yagya Well-Known Member

    Sorry, currently I don't have any tutorial to restore EFS file. Also, if you want to restore you need to have your EFS folder (before unlocking) backed up.

    This guide might be able to help you more....
    [TOOL] Updated! 01/11/11 - EFS Pro v1.2.6 - Advanced '/efs' Backup and Restore! - xda-developers

  6. BMonty720

    BMonty720 New Member

  7. Satsero

    Satsero New Member

    hmmmmm... can i update from 2.2.1 straight to 2.3.6 ??? please help me soon :) i want to update my android really soon xD this looks like it will work :).
  8. markytech

    markytech Member

    i am currently upgrading my phone galaxy mini. i followed the instruction above. but when i press start. this one appears "<1> --- cannot open the usb serial port. code: 5" please help me solve this one thank you.
  9. markytech

    markytech Member

    how to chnge the language?
  10. Satsero

    Satsero New Member

    I see were being ignored... I can't download the OPS file... It just brings me some listed stuff like
    1: Installiation
    2: Changing ops
    thesese were examples ofcouse but the thing is i cant download the file :-(
    Help me ! Give another link or something. Btw, as my previous question, can i update from 2.2.1 straight to 2.3.6 ? Id like awnsers fast please X-(
  11. yagya

    yagya Well-Known Member

    No, that's not the case. I rarely come to this forum (lack of time) so can't reply instantly. WHy don't you find me at (simply follow the link on my signature)? I can reply there quite faster than here. So, on to your problem for your problem please find the deatailed instruction at the site mentioned by me.

    And, yes you can upgrade from 2.2.1 to 2.3.6 directly.

    To change the language go to locale and text in the settings and choose a new language.
  12. yagya

    yagya Well-Known Member

  13. Zain asif

    Zain asif Member

    when i was upgradin my galaxy mini from 2.2.1 to gingerbread 20206
    this happen
    <5> StartThread Detected : 0
    <6> StartThread Detected : 0
    <7> StartThread Detected : 0
    <8> StartThread Detected : 0
    <1> setup connection...
    <1> odin mode.. check plcatform verification.

    and then stuck help plzzz
  14. yagya

    yagya Well-Known Member

    I guess the problem is that you are using wrong version of Odin or Tass file. Make sure you are using Odin Multidownloader v4.38 . For more detailed info on upgrading visit Handy Informations

  15. Zain asif

    Zain asif Member

    i have latest Multidownloader v4.38 and the right tass file
  16. Zain asif

    Zain asif Member

    and on more thing in my galaxy mini in
    setting>about phone>kernel version( what does it mean
  17. yagya

    yagya Well-Known Member

    It the kernel version.. what can I tell more. BTW, have you upgraded successfully. :)
  18. Zain asif

    Zain asif Member

    <5> StartThread Detected : 0
    <6> StartThread Detected : 0
    <7> StartThread Detected : 0
    <8> StartThread Detected : 0
    <1> setup connection...
    <1> odin mode.. check plcatform verification.

    it is still not working
  19. munshi8181

    munshi8181 Member

    wait.....sabar.....untill finish itself......... do it again if u waited 15/20 min but becarefull.......
  20. Zain asif

    Zain asif Member

    i have waited till 30 mint still stuck
  21. DanDroid

    DanDroid Well-Known Member


    I'm here - 6) Click ONE PACKAGE button and load the extracted .tar file (S5570LWMKPJ_S5570LUUBKP8_S5570LWMKPJ_HOME.tar.md5)

    However I extracted the zip and there are 4 tar files to chose from, which do I use?

  22. redDragon0528

    redDragon0528 New Member

    can I do this with my sg mini version2.3.3? TIA
  23. yagya

    yagya Well-Known Member

    You then have to choose all four files :
    Make sure you don't select One Package option ... Leave everything as it is. Then,
    1. Select OPS file first
    2. Choose APBOOT_*.tar in BOOT field.
    3. Chose MODEM_*.tar in PHONE field
    4. Choose CODE_*.tar in PDA field.
    5. Choose CSC_*.tar in CSC field.
    No need to chose anything for one package. Once everything is loaded, connect your phone and press start. :)
    Happy Flashing. :)
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  24. redDragon0528

    redDragon0528 New Member

    please need your answer asap.. can i upgrade my phone from version 2.3.3 to 2.3.6 then root? Thanks..
  25. redDragon0528

    redDragon0528 New Member

    how to UNROOT? rply asap. from philippines too.:)

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