Gingerbread and Mobile APSupport

  1. androidmog

    androidmog Well-Known Member

    I came across a post on another forum which claims that the gingerbread update removes the Mobile Access Point functionality from the SGS. Is anyone yet in a position to confirm or deny this.

  2. oxfordmark

    oxfordmark Well-Known Member

    It appears so... thats bad.. It was quite useful!

    Tethering via USB is still there.
  3. androidmog

    androidmog Well-Known Member

    Might find it a bit difficult to connect 5 USBs to my SGS:D

    Why would I want to apply an "update" to my phone that makes it less useful than before?
  4. RowanDDR

    RowanDDR New Member

    I recently upgraded my SGS from Froyo 2.2 to Gingerbread 2.3.3. Access point is still available, but its now moved to within the "Tethering" menu in the WIfi menu. However, since Gingerbread I find that after you start the AP, it shuts down after less than 10mins. Every time! No error or anything, it just stops. WHY!?

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