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  1. cantelumber

    cantelumber New Member

    I've been avoiding gingerbread like the plague after reading all this, FYI netflix stopped workin on 2.2 also. My point is to ask my Android Evo brethren, should I down load gingerbread and how should I prepare? Is it totally broken/ not worth it, and will I have a keyboard? Thank you in advance! :)

  2. CoryEvo

    CoryEvo Member

    At first, I was realy upset at the update....nothing off the top of the bat looked different. after fiddling around with it a while, I love it. My battery life is insane. switched over to Opera mini and made a world of difference coming from dolphin. I am still upset over not having the GB keyboard or the updated notification bar. I also really wanted the turn off animation of the nexus S....All in all, it seems everything under the hood is running much smoother and I am happy with the upgrade.... Although I really hope there is a part 2......
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  3. sikclown

    sikclown Well-Known Member

    I am one of those that has had zero issue with the upgrade. Then again I have never had an issue with any of the upgrades so maybe I just don't use my phone to it's full potential. Worth noting I hard reset immediately after every upgrade and then restore my apps. Maybe that is what does the trick. I would upgrade, always. To prepare I would get a good backup program and backup everything you would like to keep like texts, mail, programs, etc. Remember everything that is on the SD card will remain untouched. To those that are seeing battery draining issues with this release I would hard reset as it is most likely an App that is having an issue with the upgrade and keeping the phone awake. Quite a few APIs were changed and alot of the changes in GB are under the hood so different Apps may need to be reinstalled or reset. Again a Hard reset is a good habit to get into.
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  4. cantelumber

    cantelumber New Member

    Thank you both, I am not very computer/ tech savy and I don't want to lose my bookmarks , apps, widgets and shortcuts. If I don't do a hard reset, will I keep all of them? I have never used a phone that was capable of backing up or even using all these features before my Evo and I am very impressed with its capabilities, though I probably haven't even used this phone to its full potential yet.
  5. sikclown

    sikclown Well-Known Member

    Sorry if I overwhelmed you with my answer; I know how daunting all of this can seem at the start. To answer your question you will keep everything you currently have on your phone when you upgrade. the only thing that does in fact wipe out all your settings and bookmarks, etc is a Hard Reset (Factory Reset). You will most probably be fine after the upgrade and not need to do a reset. I am just in the habit of it because of years of using smartphone Windows Mobile and then the early builds of Android. Upgrade and enjoy. I do suggest that you look into a good backup program and get into the habit of occasionally backing up the things you want to keep to your SD card. You never know when you may need it. Good luck and welcome to the fold!
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  6. cantelumber

    cantelumber New Member

    That's good news! Thank u very much for the guidance and the welcome! So I will definately have a keyboard with speech to text, just not a "gingerbread" keyboard? Sorry to bombardment with questions, I travel a lot and don't want a crippled device. I use speech to text , Gps and the pulse app frequently.
  7. aeiou

    aeiou Well-Known Member

    Whats with the white screen with the green htc, when you leave out of apps?
  8. stl-steelers

    stl-steelers New Member

    I noticed the loss of N support as well. In the settings > hardware information > wifi is listed as 802.11 b/g. Kinda BS to take a step backwards. At idle the battery is MUCH better, but when active it drains pretty quick. My guess is that all the processes that used to run when idle, just now run when the phone is active. Just a guess though.

    I also noticed my LED notification blinks when I recieve an email, even though I have it unchecked in the settings. I have heard complaints about it not coming on at all from others. I have done a battery pull and the issue remains.
  9. GiftedPlacebo

    GiftedPlacebo Well-Known Member

    I updated on Friday, and the phone started rebooting itself this weekend... finally ended with this:

  10. jjwins

    jjwins New Member

    Could you guys tell me how exactly I can extend my battery life? I didnt have a problen on froyo, but on 2.3 I can barely get through 12 hours before my phone dies. If i do i hard reset, do I back up all my data on my phone? Any guidance woukd be greatly appreciated. Thanks yall!!
  11. papermonkey01

    papermonkey01 Well-Known Member

    That is the Sense UI reloading itself. And it's driving me crazy!!! almost every time I hit the home or back button out of an app it reloads Sense. Anyone else with this problem or hear of a fix?:confused:

    running stock EVO 4G with the new gingerbread update 2.3.3
  12. bupolo

    bupolo Well-Known Member

    I don't get that screen, but I do have a bit of lag reloading widgets/icons when I exit out of an application or unlock out of the lock screen. I'm running LauncherPro.
  13. Geek Goddess

    Geek Goddess Well-Known Member

    For those who do ##3284# and check out what's there, there are some changes to what is there and how it's listed. When you go into "Advanced", there are different things there. I only noticed because I wanted to double-check my HTTP Settings, and instead of it showing the Proxy Port and Address as the last two items, there is now text that says "RTSP/HTTP Setting" which takes you to a new screen where you can change those settings.

    By the way, the update changed my HTTP proxy settings BACK to the default ( from where I had them which was 0 for the Port and for the Address. I changed them initially to fix some streaming issues, but I tested that out and the update seemed to fix those issues even with the default port/address back in place now.

    And it sucks that ShootMe doesn't work anymore. :( I had to do the screen cap by using the Dalvik Debug Monitor....

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  14. kchitown1977

    kchitown1977 Active Member

    Im having that issue also
  15. unplugged1

    unplugged1 Well-Known Member

    I'm having the same issue with both of my Evo's. I have a pure wireless N network, and both phones will NOT connect. They work fine on other networks, but "N" is not working.

    UPDATE: I went to level 2 (advanced) tech support and they were unable to help. They transferred me to Installation Support, Android upgrade. (I didn't even know Sprint had such a thing.) I spoke with "Paul" who acknowledged that there are "substantial issues" with the upgrade in terms of compatibility. One of the issues is that wireless "N" is not connecting.

    Paul tells me that Sprint will be coming out with an update in a few days to address the wireless n problem and other compatibility issues. I didn't ask him what else because he appeared to be quite busy with installation issues.
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  16. TREV21

    TREV21 Well-Known Member

    Still having issues with my icons in folder disappearing! Added same app shortcut and deleted bad one. Looks good, then reboot phone and back to generic icon....what gives? any fix?
  17. vailpass

    vailpass Well-Known Member

    Same thing with my icons, they turn into little white 'x'.
    Also getting the continuous false e-mail alerts.Talked to Spring tech today who said they are aware of the issues and are working a fix. No timeline available.
  18. TREV21

    TREV21 Well-Known Member

    We'll at least they are acknowledging its an issue, to bad they don't have an exact day on the fix.
  19. dr g

    dr g Well-Known Member

    Anyone notice their browser "losing" tabs frequently, I.e. behaving like the app was killed and restarted. Only the current page remains. Seems to happen sometimes when you switch out of browser and back.
  20. bupolo

    bupolo Well-Known Member

    Oh interesting. Would this comport with what BlueScreen is saying about another update on June 9, or do you think the two are unrelated?
  21. dasbone

    dasbone Member

    I read where if you reinstall your apps that have android icons, it will correct the problem. However, if you don't use fast boot and power down the old (normal) way, when you reboot, the icons change to android ones again.

    I have noticed, that the icons from different scenes were not affected. For example, my regular scene has the bogus icons. When I switch to another scene and switch back, the bogus icons are replaced with the correct ones. if I power down, again not using the fast boot, I'm back where I started from and have to do the scene switch again.

    Anyone have a workaround when you NOT using fast boot?
  22. busted bones

    busted bones Well-Known Member

    For me it was worth it, Im not having anywhere near the issues other people seem to. I only have the random problem with how once in awhile the three soft keys on the bottom of the screen will load in landscape mode coming out of dolphin browser.
  23. BillyODU

    BillyODU Well-Known Member

    My google no longer syncs, its been 4 days and I have tried resetting and manual syncing but no dice. Gmail has not synced since the 5th, it is aggrivating
  24. Gekko

    Gekko Well-Known Member

    factory reset?
  25. BillyODU

    BillyODU Well-Known Member

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