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  1. mak916

    mak916 Well-Known Member

    There is an equalizer that works with Gingerbread on the market for those may be interested.

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  2. rickmort

    rickmort Member

    I was able to watch over Wifi and 3G last night Grey's Anatomy. No 4G in my area.
  3. i.have.droid

    i.have.droid Well-Known Member

    Ok this one did not work.

    BUT, now out of thin air I now have a "gingerbread keyboard" that I can use. It appears to be working well. I do not know how I got it, but suddenly it is here.

    thank god...i was trying to text people and it was a nightmare with the force close box flying around.
  4. Needforspeed

    Needforspeed Well-Known Member

    The battery life is greatly improved from I noticed
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  5. even4steven

    even4steven Member

    Yes, there is a Talk icon in with the apps
  6. unplugged1

    unplugged1 Well-Known Member

    BOTH of my Evo's are showing the same issue with the Wi-Fi scanning...connecting...disconnecting...scanning...connecting...disconnecting....

    It's off to the service center to get a diagnostic on the phone.
  7. lsmith9523

    lsmith9523 Member


    Thank you so much. It worked!!!! I had this same issue long ago but could not remember how to clear the notification....Awesome...
  8. MyFishWagon

    MyFishWagon Well-Known Member

    My phone is permanently syncing something in the background. I can't get the icon to go away :confused:
  9. Draiko

    Draiko Well-Known Member

    The Bad:

    Netflix streaming is borked.
    Shootme doesn't work anymore.
    No Gtalk video calling.
    Bluetooth stack still doesn't support WiiMote.
    Sense has a few added features bit is still at 1.0x.

    The Good:

    Battery life has improved tremendously.
    OS is smoother.
    Phone feels faster.
    Games run faster and smoother.
    3G speeds show improvement.
    Wifi reception has improved for me.

    I'm almost expecting another update to hit around fall to add a few features.
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  10. johnnaryry

    johnnaryry Member

    Have you tried calling your phone, from another line, and leaving a message? Then access and clear the message via your EVO. This was a regular occurrence with the Samsung Instinct.

  11. Draiko

    Draiko Well-Known Member

    I would suggest clearing the data from the voicemail app. You will lose all saved voicemails but it will probably fix the notification issue.
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  12. Spdy

    Spdy Well-Known Member

    well i was enjoying gingerbread..untill my phone started rebooting by everytime i turn it on it just continuously reboots..same thing happened to me when 2.2 came maybe itll just go away after a day or so..
  13. johnnaryry

    johnnaryry Member

    Most excellent news!

  14. eSanto

    eSanto Active Member

    Anybody having problems installing? I downloaded it, clicked on install now, let the phone sit there for 30 mins, nothing happened.

    Went back to htc software update, deleted the download, re-downloaded the whole thing, clicked on install now....nothing.

    I've done this 4 times now. Any reason anyone can think of as to why it's stuck?
  15. P_Dub

    P_Dub Well-Known Member

    Can someone download the free lgcam version and try to capture video while capturing AAC audio? I heard a while back only gingerbread roms had that capability, so I would like to know if it works with stock gingerbread before I try to update.

    This update won't be forced, will it? I don't want to lose netflix or root, but I would like the better battery usage.
  16. jcthorne

    jcthorne Well-Known Member

    You need to hit the app market and check for updates after gingerbread is installed. I had more than a dozen apps that wanted to update for the new OS. My apps were all up to date yesterday.
  17. beastlycugini

    beastlycugini New Member

    "Your phone is up to date" is the message i get after i canceled my gingerbread update because i wanted to switch to wifi download. i was at about 40% when i canceled. please help

    UPDATED 2:52- i turned off my phone and tried to search for the update in 4g mode and i got it!
  18. SSmokybear

    SSmokybear Well-Known Member

    WiMax LED Notifier is dead after update. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling it. No go...
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  19. F14Scott

    F14Scott Active Member

    Same here.

    Interestingly, my son has a Viewsonic gTablet running the VEGAn-TAB Gingerbread ROM and the sideloaded Netflix does exactly the same thing.

    That, to me, says the Netflix app is not playing well with Gingerbread.
  20. Slice28

    Slice28 Well-Known Member

    no its not. its stock gingerbread on nexus s
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  21. F14Scott

    F14Scott Active Member

    I had the voicemail icon, too. It went away when I went:

    Menu -> Settings -> Call -> Clear Voicemail Notification
  22. Slice28

    Slice28 Well-Known Member

    Mine did the same thing because the keyboard is not compatible with sense. Just uninstall it real quick and it will stop.
  23. spyder40

    spyder40 Well-Known Member

    Same here with Netflix, no play. Initially it came up with an error so I uninstalled/reinstalled. Now I get the app runs but when I try to play it acts like it wants to start then goes back to the main screen. Wondering if the modded version on XDA will work? Going to give it a whirl next.
  24. kingp

    kingp Well-Known Member

    Well the new animations are nice. We have a restart option on the power button menu now, we also finally have a "FLIPPING" clock...XD.

    I can't understate, how stupid it was to have a flip clock that didn't flip. What's the damn point? Otherwise, transitions are faster, it's a bit snappier, and memory management is MUCH better than Froyo. Also, they fixed HTC Peep. So it looks like we did get a VERY MINOR update in Sense, although it must be the last build of the 1.x line.

    Netflix is broken, which sucks, but it'll get fixed. Now, if only we can get 2.3.4 to get that awesome video calling in Google Talk.
  25. hbk129

    hbk129 Active Member

    Thanks to the guy who posted that ShootMe isn't working now... that's a huge bummer. Is there any way to go back to Froyo? I wouldn't have updated if I had known Netflix, ShootMe and my Dolphin browser were going to act weird. I usually wait for such things...

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