Gingerbread keyboard missing pop-up keyboard from Froyo

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  1. Endocraft

    Endocraft Active Member

    Heya; just noticed the pop-up numbers+characters screen was removed from the Gingerbread keyboard.

    I'm talking about the extra part of the keyboard that showed up while dragging the finger from the keyboard upwards, which let you select a number or special character.

    This option was incredibly helpful for me, and I was wondering if it was indeed removed altogether or if there's an option for it.

    Anyone knows? Thanks.

  2. NunyaBidnez

    NunyaBidnez Well-Known Member

    The pop-up keyboard is no longer needed in Gingerbread. You can select numbers by long pressing the letters in the top row. Furthermore, you can select punctuation marks by long pressing on the period(.) button.
  3. Endocraft

    Endocraft Active Member

    The pop-up thing was a FAST way to select stuff. From a usability point of view, it was amazing. That was the only reason why I used that keyboard and not the HTC or any other with the hold-to-display-more-options thing.

    Now I'm forced to read the tiny number assigned to a specific letter to know which is the correct key to touch, wait for the single pop-up thing to open, and finally select it. Way too much steps and way too much waiting holding the key to get the pop-up, compared to the old way.

    /rant off

    It's a shame they removed it. A damn shame.
  4. Hook

    Hook Ever since DU... ;-) VIP Member

    I'm still not sure what you mean, then again, I never used the eclair and froyo keyboards because they were so terrible, so maybe I missed something.

    The Gingerbread keyboard which I have been using while testing out Gingerbread, has a 123? key that switches you to a number and symbol keyboard and if you hit ALT you get more esoteric symbols.

    I doubt that I won't go back to Graffiti and Swype, my preferrred input methods, but the Gingerbread keyboard is very nice and easy to use.
  5. Endocraft

    Endocraft Active Member

  6. Hook

    Hook Ever since DU... ;-) VIP Member

    Oh, okay, thanks for finding that. No, never used that-- as I said, I just found the stock keyboard too hard to be accurate with before Gingerbread, so never used them much and never even noticed that feature.
  7. Rusty

    Rusty Well-Known Member

    Yeah I loved that feature too, so I got the Gingerbread keyboard as soon as it was released and got used to it. The punctuation bar goes some way to making up for it.
  8. CmdrBond

    CmdrBond Well-Known Member

    I find it a little annoying that the punctuation bar is interspersed with the auto complete bar.

    Also, the carriage return key goes AWOL in the default messaging app, but is there in Hancent etc...

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