Gingerbread needs improvement

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  1. Vasoula

    Vasoula Member

    Hello ! I've been trying for a couple of days to read in this forum threads of people having the same problems with me so I could find a solution for my own optimus one. I did this, I did that, the other, almost everything! It is a big forum I can't just read every post ! Today the alarm didn't wake me up because my phone drained its stupid battery in only 4 hours! And that's the second time. So I begin to wonder WHY do I have to search on forums and everywhere on HOW to fix my phone?? I bought it ! It's not like LG gave it for me free and said to me "well it's gonna be full of bugs, but it's free!". I gave some money and I expect from it to work.. And it did work just fine untill they released this stupid 2.3.3 Gingerbread update. Cool gui but its perfomance really sucks. LG home always crushes, the radio responds very slowly, battery obviously sucks (even with turned off wifi,bluetooth,3g), applications such as facebook and youtube crash all the time and sometimes the desktop does not respond for some seconds. And when you really need to make a phone call asap this is extremely disturbing.
    I am writting this because I'm really frustrated and tired ! We should complain to LG because I don't think they gave much attention to the upgrade they provided us.
    Thanks for your time :)

  2. GreenAsJade

    GreenAsJade Member

    Mine came with a plan upgrade, for free.

    If you bought it, it has a warranty ... take it back. They can reflash 2.2 for you...
  3. Vasoula

    Vasoula Member

    Yes you are right, at the end I guess I'm going to have to downgrade it. It's just that it should have a decent update.
  4. Florin250

    Florin250 New Member

    Try a hard reset !

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