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  1. aliii

    aliii New Member

    Ok, so I've read a lot about people updating their Android to Gingerbread, but I was just wondering if anyone knows when the official update comes out in the UK? :)

    I downloaded Kies, but it said I'm using the latest firmware (Froyo) and I have no idea how/if I can upgrade now or if the update isn't out yet.

    I searched Google but all I can find is stuff about the leaked Gingerbread :(


  2. suicidallooney

    suicidallooney Well-Known Member

    Dunno when the official is coming out mate but unbranded firmwares will be first to get it, branded firmwares will take alot longer after the official release. I'm from the UK and i'm using gingerbread from samfirmware, works pretty well and it's unbranded so i got rid of the vodafone rubbish apps.

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