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  1. AndDude

    AndDude Member


    I got the gingerbread Area 51 ROM onto my Precedent. But, you see that the default ROM takes off 'swype' which I absolutely love and it's pretty handy for me. Is there anyway I can get it?

    I tried going to the actual swype website, but, that form, no matter how much I try is not sending me the 'email' to try the swype beta. It says it sent the email, but, I never get it. I tried two different emails too. And before you ask, I checked the spam folder even.

    Please help. I really would like to get swype on my Precedent and still not lose Gingerbread.

    Or would anybody have better alternatives for Swype. I tried SlideIT but, I like Swype better.

  2. wolfy02

    wolfy02 Member

    Try this apk out. direct copy from my system directory. opened it up on the phone and it asked if i wanted to install, should work for you.
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  3. whompus60

    whompus60 Well-Known Member

    You can also get in on the beta of swype here Swype | Text Input for Screens just create an account and the link will be sent to your email to install it from.
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  4. AndDude

    AndDude Member

    Apparently, their registration server was acting up, so, the emails came in now and I was able to install Swype Beta. Thank you for your help.
  5. chris121671

    chris121671 New Member

    need those files once again please they were taken down to early

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