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Gingerbread Rom?

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  1. avenuePad

    avenuePad Well-Known Member

    Is there a Gingerbread Rom for the Telus Fascinate? I haven't rooted my phone yet, but I would if there I could get 2.3.

  2. landoyo

    landoyo Member

    I'm running CM7 for i9000 on mine. The Telus Fascinate runs quite happily on 2.3.4.
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  3. avenuePad

    avenuePad Well-Known Member

    Sweet. Is there a problem with the hardware button differences between the two?
  4. landoyo

    landoyo Member

    Home button doesn't work but back works fine.

    Forgot to mention this, but when you're ready to give flashing a try, READ THE INSTRUCTIONS!!! When done, go back and READ THE INSTRUCTIONS AGAIN!!!! Repeat until you fully understand what you're doing.
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  5. avenuePad

    avenuePad Well-Known Member

    haha. For sure. I'm really going to take my time with this. The official Gingerbread is coming soon to North America anyway, so maybe I'll wait until that gets released. The Telus version should get a proper version once that happens, I would think.

    All I know is that when I upgrade my phone (probably later this year or early next year), I'm going to make sure the phone I get doesn't have 10 different versions, or at the very least the Telus version isn't some weird hybrid. I love the SGS, don't get me wrong, but it really has been an ass pain in both finding proper ROMs, but even more so with cases and screen protectors. You really have to be careful you're buying the right version.

    Anyway, thank you for the heads up. Much appreciated. :)
  6. landoyo

    landoyo Member

    At this point, I am undecided whether or not to go to the telus version if/when it comes out. CM7 feels good on this phone and I don't miss any of the Samsung Apps.

    My only complaint with the Telus Fascinate(SGH-T959D) is it's obscurity. That made the search for appropriate ROMs and upgrades a big headache.
  7. tripplec

    tripplec Well-Known Member

    The closest hardware out there to this model is the Samsung Vibrant. None of the other "Fascinate Samsung" phones are even close.
  8. landoyo

    landoyo Member

    The T959 Vibrant or the i9000 Vibrant?
  9. avenuePad

    avenuePad Well-Known Member

    haha! Now that's funny. :D

    ha. Yeah, I don't think I've ever used any of the Samsung Apps. Hopefully when Telus releases Gingerbread to the SGS a fully functional ROM will come out that doesn't leave any of the hardware buttons out. I'm sure the missing home button probably isn't that big of a big deal, but I'm just anal like that. heh.
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  10. landoyo

    landoyo Member

    I felt the same way. Just got tired of waiting so I decided to start experimenting. The first time wasn't that impressive so the phone went back to stock. Meanwhile, the cm7 team was constantly publishing updates and fixes. When I tried again a few weeks later, it was a good experience. A few nightly updates later, near perfect.

    One lesson learned was to always make sure the battery was fully charged. I had a couple times when the phone either bricked or the files corrupted. Each time it was because the battery charge had dropped too low.

    Flashing a ROM for the first time is a very daunting task(READ THE INSTRUCTIONS). It gets easy once you've done it a couple times. If possible phone downtime is a serious problem, don't try flashing a ROM. The first time I did this, I went in with the attitude that if the phone bricked, I would just go buy a new Nexus S. If that had happened, the Fascinate would have been sent for warranty then used to experiments after it was returned...a frankenphone.

    As for the Vibrant comment, since the T959D is a fairly obscure phone, I did a lot of research about the phones and various ROMS before I made a move. ROMS for either the T-Mobile Vibrant or a generic i9000 should work. I chose the i9000 and it worked...period. Simple?
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  11. avenuePad

    avenuePad Well-Known Member

    For sure. I was just laughing because it just reinforced the problem with all the different versions of the SGS. :)

    Thanks for all the tips - especially regarding the battery. That probably wouldn't have dawned on me. I didn't know if it was just me that was finding the thought of flashing a ROM to be scary. It's good to know that I'm not alone. :)
  12. landoyo

    landoyo Member

    Flashing a ROM for the first time is scary, especially if it doesn't work right. I was ready to head to the store and buy a Nexus S when mine went wrong the first time.

    Just for fun, I just tried flashing the cm7 ROM for the T959 T-Mobile Vibrant onto the Fascinate. So far, so good and the buttons all work correctly.
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  13. avenuePad

    avenuePad Well-Known Member

    Awesome! Thanks for the heads up. When I'm ready to make the plunge I'll try that ROM out. :D
  14. landoyo

    landoyo Member

    There have been posts of people flashing the latest version(9 and higher) and having problems with audio during calls. The devs are working on it but it's not fixed yet. Last one I used was #8 and I've had no problems. Follow this thread on xda for more info and updates: [NIGHTLY][ROM][GRJ22] CyanogenMod 7 for Samsung Vibrant (vibrantmtd) - xda-developers

    The one difference I did find was that the volume control is reversed.
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  15. avenuePad

    avenuePad Well-Known Member

    Well, I just did the one-click-root with Odin with no problems! Woot! :)

    I'm first going to do the Voodoo lag fix and then try flashing a ROM later. Baby steps. ;)

    The reversing of the volume control isn't that big of a deal for me because I find when I'm in landscape mode I'm constantly turning the volume up instead of down and vice versa. I don't know why, but my brain seems to go in reverse when in landscape. hehe

    EDIT: Well, I thought I was going to flash Voodoo, but I can't find basic instructions on how to flash Voodoo using Recovery Mod. All the instructions I've found seem to brush over the flashing part.

    I've already rooted using the one-click-root, but now I'm not sure if I have to unroot again to apply the voodoo kernal. From there I'm not sure where to put the kernal on my phone. lol. I know a lot of my confusion is because I'm a n00b at this. heh.

    Here's the most "simple" and common thread I have come across:


    which also links to here:

  16. sneek4

    sneek4 Member

    Are you going from stock to stock+voodoo? If so just download SGS Kernel Flasher from the market place, back up your current kernel. Copy the Kernel you wish to copy to the root folder of the phone, find it with SGS Flasher...wait 10 minutes. Done.
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  17. avenuePad

    avenuePad Well-Known Member

    Awesome! Thank you! That worked like a charm. :)

    Now, I assume that I can't flash ROMs using this application?
  18. tripplec

    tripplec Well-Known Member

    I don't know about this Android platform.

    Google has 2.3.4 out fixing various bugs in the 2.3 code but there is no way to get the update specific to the phones radio hardware etc. We should be able to get them on demand from Google and not wait for the Carrier or Samsung to roll it out. It takes forever if we will see it and by the time the release something a patch version is released and we're still behind with the bugs.

    My Galaxy S has 2.2.0 but 2.2.2 is the latest so why can't be download patches and apply them? I am tired of calling the Samsung and Telus. They both plead ignorance and point fingers at the other to call them.

    With so so many Android smartphones affected this had to be the absolute biggest screw up in updating the OS in existance. Even WinMobile 7 appears to be getting theirs now from what I just read.

    I keep waiting for a break in this issue but months go by and there isn't any change.
  19. landoyo

    landoyo Member

    This is why many of us have found a way to upgrade to Gingerbread(2.3.4) on our own with the use of custom ROMs. We got tired of waiting. At this point when GB finally comes out for the T959D, I will probably pass so I can avoid the Samsung bloatware.

    As for being slow to update, the Sony Xperia 10 just got Eclair(2.1) a week or so ago.
  20. tripplec

    tripplec Well-Known Member

    My Fascinate is still under full warranty with Telus and I am reluctant try a custom ROM which renders some controls or functions inoperable. As for the ROM apps as well their functionality is important to me. Yes I don't use them all and most are bloatware. This smartphone has a large internal memory and even with added apps I have tons free still so its not a concern.

    I have spent hours reading XDA threads but don't see a true Telus replacement at this time. Some comments by others that many of the links in the proceed don't work as well. I suspect this is largely due to the age of the post relating to earlier ROM.

    I cannot afford to brick the phone nor cripple any on the functionality I use it for. I have pressured Telus via my rep to address this and it has been escalated. Having said that there certainly won't be a solution tomorrow. I have seen posts of 2.3.3 being released on other vintages of the Galaxy S so many be its coming this summer. The other issue with there releases as was with the 2.2.0 was that its patch to 2.2.2 but there are never any means of patching the sub releases as they become available. The 2.3.4 fixes a number major security problems and others may come later.

    there need to be a way of running update patches in the phone. This is a major failing in this system (Android). IMO Apple IOS has software support beat hand down and clearly demonstrated an number of times. After the loacation tracking logs broke on smartphones within weeks they had 4.3.3 our for download. they did the same thing to address antenna-gate although that was not critical. Point being their system works from the source. Androids system does not work from the source and seems to require both OEM and Carrier intervention which is crock.

    My phone is under full warranty and I am entitled to full software updates and patch to fix various issues. As a community if we all call and/or email this demanding it maybe they'll escalate it internally since they have a lot more clout with Samsung and others than we do individually.
  21. rawr79

    rawr79 Member

    DarkyROM 10.1 runs very nicely on both my T959D handsets. No issues whatsoever.
  22. tripplec

    tripplec Well-Known Member

    Where can I read up on the features of this ROM?
    Does it have Swype, OEM text messaging app etc?
    Buttons all working and no Wifi issues?

    I have read about some other ROM but the mix of kernal, radio support and others had various bugs unresolved.

    If I went down that road then what version of Android is it based on 2.3.4?

    I am in no hurry but don't want to spend days flashing and restoring content for days either.
  23. benslgdroid

    benslgdroid rockstar

    moved to the root section so they can better help you.

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