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  1. idfjvafnv

    idfjvafnv New Member

    Hey everyone I am having a problem with my evo, I have been searching all day and have come up empty.

    Before we get into the you should have searched thing I did and my problem is different. I manually updated the first day gingerbread was out and it went through no problem, I didn't get any errors or anything. It rebooted once or twice then ran through some introduction thing and I thought I was all good. Today I was trying to watch some videos on Youtube and it was acting up, anytime I would click on a video it would play a random video, either a news story about a holocaust, a story about a tornado or the bad romance video.

    After looking around and asking I checked my settings and I'm still on firmware 2.2 after I did the update. I figured I would just try it again but when I check for updates I get nothing it says everything is already up to date.

    I'm very frustrated so any help is appreciated.

    One more thing the phone is not rooted and I have updated a few of the smaller updates before with no problems

  2. idfjvafnv

    idfjvafnv New Member

    alright finally got gingerbread fixed after checking for updates all day I had to update a total of 3 times to get gingerbread.

    Youtube works fine on wifi but when I turn it off it continues to play random vids
  3. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    try clearing data and cache for youtube.

    menu.settings.applications.manage applications.all.find youtube and clear data and cache

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