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Gingerbread update for Epic 4g doesn't work?Support

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  1. tracedinair

    tracedinair New Member

    I received the update for my Epic 4g this morning... (Gingergread update I assume).
    And I pressed on update and now my phone has been stuck on this image of an orange-yellow exclamation point in a triangle with a little green Android guy there.
    It has literally been stuck on that for an hour and a half.

    Why did the update fail?!
    I haven't attempted a batt pull yet, but I wanted to post on a forum first before I do anything.

    thanks guys ;)

  2. tracedinair

    tracedinair New Member

    I pulled out the battery for 5 minutes and rebooted.
    It was then in recovery mode, so I selected to restart my phone normally.

    Now my phone is still using Froyo.

    **it's rooted if that helps**

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