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Gingerbread update for unlocked T-mobile P500

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  1. Markhenry

    Markhenry New Member

    I have a LG Optimus P500 from T-mobile which is unlocked to all GSM sims. It runs Fryo 2.2 and I would like to upgrade to Gingerbread 2.3.x. Is it possible to do that? Would that lock or brick the phone? Is there any way that I could install gingerbread 2.3.x since I don't also see T-mobile official gingerbread release anywhere for P500.

    Is KDZ an option or should I stick with Fryo?

  2. allister

    allister New Member

    I am using a stock LG GB 2.3.3 ROM (specifically the one for Taiwan)

    After flashing it with KDZ, I added TMO's APN info.

    Rooted it using lge_adb.conf trick and SuperOneClick.


    There are links to various stock ROM --> lg-phone-firmware.com/index.php?id_mod=4

    It is unbranded and has little bloatware. And the phone now ids itself as a P500.

    EDGE & HSDPA connect fine - at least for TMO MyAccount - out here in Los Angeles.

    The most important function lost was WiFi calling, otherwise it seems to work ok.

    You can always flash back it to the official TMO froyo if it doesn't work out.

    TMO froyo rom below


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