Gingerbread with phone option

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  1. boomie

    boomie Member

    i must be a complete tool bag... i can't find anything on how to upgrade the galaxy tab to gingerbread while maintaining the phone feature....

    i tried google too...

    can anyone help me?

    i have 2.2... is it really worth the time and effort to go to 2.3 or higher?

  2. tanabe

    tanabe Well-Known Member

    i bought mine with gingerbread on the go, and it does support the phone features like calling and sms-es (that is what you meant by phone features right?)
  3. flash515

    flash515 Member

    You didnt say where you are, I run overcome 4.0 custom rom with belli9000 modem in Canada on a GSM tab and have full phone 3g-4g etc and bluetooth works fine with a planetronics headset. If you have a cdma tab it wont work.

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