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  1. trav473

    trav473 Well-Known Member

    So, I have been looking for a while now, the wife just got a droid pro and i was wondering if official Gingerbread is available for it or not. Or if a leak is available. Most of the post I have read in this forum seem to be misplaced from the X forum. If either official or a rooted deodexed official based rom is out there can ya give me a link???


  2. bsweetness

    bsweetness Well-Known Member

    Ummm, just look down a few threads and you'll find it. It's not buried or anything in the forum:


    Evidently it was released to a limited number of users as a test run. It hasn't officially been released to everyone yet. You can download the update.zip that someone received OTA as part of that test run in the above thread.

    It can't be rooted yet. The only way to get a rooted version of Gingerbread for the Pro at the moment is to buy the Team Black Hat app. They released a rooted version of the update.
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