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  1. flycap93

    flycap93 Member

    I have had the lg revolution since black friday now and have been looking for the Gingerbread update. I cant seem to find it anywhere. I check for new software everyday and nothing. Still sitting on 2.2.2...???

  2. jj2me

    jj2me Well-Known Member

    See this post, although it doesn't give a detailed how-to.
  3. flycap93

    flycap93 Member

    Not to bash you or anything but this really doesnt help that much. I just want someone to guide me thru updateing to GB. I dont see how it could be so hard. But checking for new software in settings doesnt seem to get the job done.
  4. jj2me

    jj2me Well-Known Member

    That previously linked post tells you that you should no longer be "checking for new software in settings."

    This is the best I could do via searching (there might be a more direct way to get where I got, but we only have the words in that previously linked post to guide us, like "lg forum" and "utility" and "lg product pro"):

    1. Google "lg forum" - click first link "".
    2. Search that forum for "utility" - on the second page of results is a question that sounds like your problem: "Why is the VX9200 (EnV3) Firmware Update no longer available?"
    3. Read that thread. It's discouraging, but at least we seem to have found the post that the previously linked post referred to. The post from "LG Product Pro" links to the "LG UPDATE TOOL".
    4. Click that and you're here.
    5. Search on that page for "VS910" (Revolution's model #).
    6. Click VS910 link and you're here.
    7. Scroll down to a picture of a PC monitor, "Download Drivers / Phone Updates"

    You're on your own from there. (I didn't start all the downloading because I already have Gingerbread via the over-the-air updates.)

    If that doesn't work, then hopefully someone on this forum has run into this problem. But it's possible no one has, as most, if not all, of us have gotten the Gingerbread update over-the-air. You may have to post on other forums, and/or chat with LG and/or Verizon support.
  5. flycap93

    flycap93 Member

    Thank you so much. That did it. Right there!!! Got GB

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