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Gio keeps on Accessing Data when not in useSupport

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  1. TweakAndroid

    TweakAndroid Active Member

    I have a rooted Samsung Gio that for some reason will try and access data even when locked and sleeping. I have data disabled and I only use wifi when needed.

    Is there anyway to turn data compeltely off till I need to use it?

  2. Peteragent5

    Peteragent5 Well-Known Member

    Yes there is. Go to settings>Wireless and Networks>Mobile Networks
    Then uncheck all the options : Use packet data and Data Roaming
  3. TweakAndroid

    TweakAndroid Active Member

    Already tried that. It will reenable and try to access it.
  4. BlakRoseDroid

    BlakRoseDroid Member

    Accounts and sync setting > Background data (uncheck the check box)
  5. TweakAndroid

    TweakAndroid Active Member

    Through trial and error I found out that it was Easy Battery Saver which was constantly firing up the data connection when waking up the phone or when a program tried to use it. I turned the data off and disabled the apps abilityt to control it and it seems all is well.

    I will keep you posted.
  6. ElleDiablo

    ElleDiablo Member

    So unchecking both options doesn't let the data run at all unless you allow it to? (by opening an app, for example).

    I have this issue too and was questioning what I was doing wrong.
  7. TweakAndroid

    TweakAndroid Active Member

    From my experience, even though I unchecked it, Easy Battery Saver kept on enabling it when it was coming off of sleep when I unlocked the phone to use it.

    Turning off the data control by that app solved the problem.
  8. ElleDiablo

    ElleDiablo Member

    I don't have that app so doing the above mentioned should work, right?
  9. TweakAndroid

    TweakAndroid Active Member

    Yes, unless you have a power saving app that is constantly enabling it.
  10. ElleDiablo

    ElleDiablo Member

    Ah. Thanks. I followed the instructions from multiple posts and disabled such and such. Hopefully that works on my end.
  11. ElleDiablo

    ElleDiablo Member

    One more thing: and I apologize for the annoyance. Now that the little H icon with the arrows pointing up and down are gone, that means that the data isn't being used unless I enable it or hop on my Wi-Fi?
  12. TweakAndroid

    TweakAndroid Active Member

    Yes, if those are gone, data is gone. You can also disable data through the press and hold of the top right external button and turning off data as well.
  13. ElleDiablo

    ElleDiablo Member

    Thanks for the answers and patience. Very much appreciated.
  14. TweakAndroid

    TweakAndroid Active Member

    oh my lord, no need to thank. Just out to help people a bit.
  15. bcdemon

    bcdemon New Member

    I just upgraded from a 6 year old flip phone to a Galaxy Gio.

    This thread and forum are going to be a huge help lol.

    Thanks to everyone for the advice offered.

    I haven't been this n00b since I got my first PC lol.

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