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  1. BigLeagueChew

    BigLeagueChew Member

    I'm having a weird wifi problem with my phone and router. Right now I can connect to wifi only when a password is NOT set, however when I re-enable the password on my 2wire gateway modem , my phone gives the message "obtaining ip address" and I am unable to connect. Any help I can get would be great, I've been trying to troubleshoot for many days now.

  2. BigLeagueChew

    BigLeagueChew Member

    Just to update, I have fixed my problem but I'm not exactly sure what step fixed it.

    It seems that this wifi issue isn't just with the gio itself but rather with Android phones. I have learned that resetting my router by using a pen or paper clip, holding the reset button for 10 seconds really helped.

    After the reset of the router, I was able to then connect via wifi password, however there was a conflict with my phone and the computer being assigned the same ip address. I have since been able to assign my phone another ip address and it's working so far.

    Again this appears to be a android issue and not strictly the Gio itself.

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