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  1. wounded

    wounded Active Member

    hi everybody,
    hope everything fine,,,
    i will be grateful for help me form your experince in android application
    actully,i want to create a project contain about 100 image and video and i dont know what is the suitable solution for who to store thses data , like put all images in drawable or what you think..

    thank you in advance

  2. Tramontana

    Tramontana Active Member

    There's a limit of 50MB on the size of an APK so it's probably not the best place to store large amounts of data, and nobody wants to install an app that large anyway. It would be friendlier to let new users download all the files onto their SD card from your website, where you can keep as much stuff as you like. Don't forget you need four different resolutions (for the various screen sizes) unless you're able to scale images on the fly.
  3. wounded

    wounded Active Member

    really i'm confused,,some people say using SD card other say urls parsing concepts :eek::confused::pcguru:
  4. Tramontana

    Tramontana Active Member

    Other than in the app itself there are only two places to store images and video. One is on the phone; the other is off it.

    Keeping stuff on the phone means putting it onto the removable SD card, or with modern phones on the internal SD, which is usually 16GB or better. Makes no difference; the code is the same. If you know the file name you can display the picture, though it will look different on every phone if you don't do some smart picture scaling.

    Off phone is the web, where you need to understand how to make HTTP requests and deal with what comes back. This is more complex and may require you to do some programming on your website too. Same thing applies re scaling as above. Big pictures take a while to download and not everyone has an unlimited data package. So they won't thank you for making them eat up their allowance on pictures they don't want to see, especially if they have to keep downloading the same pictures. I set up a cache to save incoming images onto my SD and index each one by the URL that fetched it. So next time it's wanted I don't need to download it.

    It's difficult to be more specific without knowing what you're trying to achieve. Can you post some details? You can message me privately and in confidence if you don't want to broadcast it. If you could also indicate your level of Android/Java expertise that would help. If you're a Java beginner a rapid prototyping tool may be better to start with (I'm the author of one).
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  5. jonbonazza

    jonbonazza Well-Known Member

    I should also mention that even using the SD Card approach requires you to store the files initially somewhere else. A common method is to store the files on a web server, and download them on initial run.
  6. Tramontana

    Tramontana Active Member

    You're right, of course, and it makes not a lot of difference if it's done up front or on demand since you have to deal with the HTTP stuff anyway. (I was posting late in the evening after a long day, when the logical faculties are past their best :))

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