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Given Up On The Tattoo

  1. softsorter

    softsorter Member

    Had enough of mine and changed to a Nokia e series with the s60 o/s and what a relief !

    Bluetooth works with car kits and sending of files
    Battery life is 5 days (Tattoo 1 Day)

    HTC should give Tattoo owners a refund for bringing a phone to the market with substandard bluetooth when it says on the box bluetooth, not some restricted form !

    First and last time I buy a HTC and yes I know you can get different images from web forums, but then you loose things like the camera !

    HTC look nice and I always wanted one, I just bought the wrong one ! but as my nokia e series can bluetooth/text/email/wifi and tons more I wont be buying a HTC again.

  2. toula

    toula New Member

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