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  1. mestude

    mestude Member

    Im looking for a decent car dock with bluetooth for my galaxy s2 anyone using anything that they like or anything to stay away from...

  2. Stpcore

    Stpcore Member

    Great question. I just picked my phone up today and came here searching for that exact answer myself.
  3. rault18

    rault18 Well-Known Member

    I will stay away from the factory samsung nav mount...It is not practical , no bluetooth and the price doesnt worth :)
  4. ahautographs

    ahautographs Member

    I saw some "samsung" mounts on ebay for the Galaxy s 2. About $30 i am going to grab one.
  5. mestude

    mestude Member

    I would have hought for sure there would be someone out there with some help....

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