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  1. 92hatchattack

    92hatchattack Well-Known Member

    Hey guys. I'm seeing some issues when returning to my home screen. Sometimes it just lags a bit. Other times when I get back to the home screen its like the touchpad is all messed up. I touch one app but another one on the other side of the page will open. Other times I will get black bars on the lower sides of the home screen. The only way to fix it is to leave the home page and then return again.

    Anyone else seeing these issues? Is this worth me exchanging the phone for another one or should I just live with it?

    Thanks guys

  2. Deepsun

    Deepsun Active Member

    I'm seeing this happen every once and a while after I put the phone in standby on one screen and wake the phone up at the home screen, then try to go to something on the home screen it acts like it's still on the other screen..
  3. lostsoul1

    lostsoul1 Well-Known Member

    wait for the ICS fix? haha
  4. 92hatchattack

    92hatchattack Well-Known Member

    It looks that way. I exchanged the phone. New one has same problems. A little less frequent though. Hopefully we will get an update in a while to fix a few of the bugs?
  5. Deepsun

    Deepsun Active Member

    The current bugs will probably be fixed in an update but there are always more to be had. Sorry about your buggy home screen..
  6. 92hatchattack

    92hatchattack Well-Known Member

    ^^^ What is my best bet for contacting HTC? I would just like to report the issues so they are aware. Thank you!
  7. Kuhns787

    Kuhns787 Well-Known Member

    I have noticed after having mine in standby on my desk or in my purse for a while and I unlock the screen the time is all messed up like it went ahead. Anyone else see this?

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