Global First Android OS 2.2 Smart Watch

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  1. Androidwatch

    Androidwatch Member

    Hi dear all, does anyone has tried Android OS 2.2 Smart Watch Before,which has 3G WIFI High Speed download,GPS Navigation ? Does anyone used it yet ? Is it cool ?


  2. Androidwatch

    Androidwatch Member

    This is the picture of Android Watch[​IMG]
  3. Androidwatch

    Androidwatch Member

    Specification is as follows :
    1.Frequency: Quad-band GSM850/900,DCS1800,PCS1900,
    GSM Muti-media Smartphone watch;
    2.OS:Android OS 2.2;
    3.Memory: ROM:4GB,RAM: 2GB,can be up to 32GB ;
    4.Screen: 2" TFT-LCD Touch screen with LED back light,QVGA resolution 240x320;
    5.Keyboard: 4 side key;
    6.GPS: internal GPS antenna;
    7.G-sensor: ADXL345
  4. Androidwatch

    Androidwatch Member

    You can call anyone and send email with this Android Watch
  5. shawheim_a

    shawheim_a Well-Known Member

    doesnt look functional being that when you wear it it is turned sideways on your wrist. unless the screen rotates which isnt shown in the pics. should have uploaded a video, a picture only shows so much.
  6. Sam Voss

    Sam Voss Well-Known Member

    this is pretty cool, however I have never even heard of it, do you have any links to anywhere else with this?

    If I like it, I may be able to promote it (on website apps etc)

    let me know
  7. Androidwatch

    Androidwatch Member

    Dear Sam,it is functional, and it can rotate 90
  8. DesertDemon

    DesertDemon New Member

    Seems like an easy thing to do, just take a sony ericsson mini and fuse the back with a watch strap some how. Or make the strap with a special back piece that fits the phone like a protective case that it can lock into so it doesn't pop off from the strap.
  9. Sarrith

    Sarrith Well-Known Member

    and how do you make a call? I mean is it through verizon? att? tmobile?

    a video of the product being used would be great.

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