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  1. JustSoAmazing

    JustSoAmazing Member

    Hey everyone. I've just finished making my first live wallpaper. It's completely free, and also fully customizable. Watch as beautiful, glowing shapes travel across your screen, and as they follow your finger to form interesting patterns. Customize the shapes from the selection presented in the settings menu and even use your own custom image as a shape! This wallpaper will surely spice up a previously static, bland home-screen.

    Key Features:
    - Very customizable, choose any color you want for the shapes, and choose any shape you want.
    - Interactive. Shapes will respond to touch gestures.
    - Beautiful. Live wallpaper glows underneath the shapes to create an entrancing effect.

    Glowtopia Live Wallpaper - YouTube

    Thanks! I would greatly appreciate any feedback, advice, or tips.

  2. JustSoAmazing

    JustSoAmazing Member

    No advice at all guys? =[
  3. RomNixon

    RomNixon New Member

    I’m very happy with this live wallpaper. The only things of wallpaper are that it’s graphic and color communication [FONT=&quot][/FONT]
  4. JustSoAmazing

    JustSoAmazing Member

  5. JustSoAmazing

    JustSoAmazing Member

    Updated the UI and made it easier to use.

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