GLU Mobile VIP club

  1. drdnaught1

    drdnaught1 Well-Known Member

    So the Gold level costs $10 a month, has anyone tried this and found it worthwhile? The 560 credits sounds pretty cool. And also, has anyone tried to cancel it and found that easy enough?

    The Glu people take forever to respond to anything, the last time I asked a question it took months to get an answer, so I figured I'd ask here...

  2. asanspree

    asanspree Member

    I haven't tried it and won't. Glu has been taking peoples gold coins like crazy. They still don't have a fix for it. I'm owed well over 150 coins. Some have paid for the Glu VIP and never got their coins.
  3. k28king1

    k28king1 Well-Known Member

    I joined glu's VIP club and was screwed from the start. No gold coins in any of my games, and also had to wait close to two weeks for a refund. I'm sure in the future it may be worth it, but as of now I would wait till they work out their issues.
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