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  1. me2us2me

    me2us2me New Member

    HI all

    I have been using Huawei ideos U8150 for last 2 months and my life was going smooth unill yesterday when i restored factory settings for some reason.

    Now when I tried to set up google account once again with my Gmail account (Hope both are same) it gives me following error it says while connecting that...
    "Your phone needs to communicate with google servers to set up your account. This may take up to five minutes."
    After few minutes it says...
    " Can't establish a reliable data connection to server.
    This could a temporary problem or your phone may not be provisioned for data services. If it continues, call customer care."

    My browser is working fine but when i try to set up the google account it eats up the signal and give above mentioned error.

    I have tried following things...

    1. I restored factory settings few times.
    2. I am manually doing GPRS & APN settings as my operator does not support this phone.
    3. I formatted my external memory card.
    4. I have created new gmail account on my PC still not working.

    I am really fed up with this bloody phone now and regret why I bought a chineese handset where Samsung Galaxy Pop is priced almost equal and runs on the same plateform.

    Plaese help if anyone can suggest....

  2. jiveshwar

    jiveshwar Member

    I was thinking the same earlier but I realized that Huawei is the best.

    If you would have bought Samsung, I bet you were crying a lot. Samsung phones are bullshit. Huawei is a Nice company. For your clarification, if you have bought some electronics/computer accessories within past 3 years, then check its hardware, they are the chinese parts. Even Microsoft hardware comes with the Chinese hardware installed in it.

    There is no single company which could be called bigger than the Microsoft.

    If you like Nokia Phones, LG Phones, or of the Samsung ones, their hardware are made up only by the Chinese companies, not by their own.

    There are 3 type of companies in the chinese market,
    1. Cheap
    2. Medium
    3. Standard

    Huawei lies in the third category. However I agree that there are some drawbacks in this phone such as lack of good camera, but in this price range along with the quality no one can compete with Huawei.

    I suggest you to go to any nearest service center, probably they will solve this.
  3. me2us2me

    me2us2me New Member

    HI All
    This is how it got solved...
    I could use it on wifi but the problem was with mobile network. I later on found out that it was a problem of gprs settings since my operator doesn't support my handset. I had to do manual settings and something was missing which customer service could not tell me. I finally borrowed xperia from my friend and my network operator to send settings on xperia copied it and bingo.

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