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  1. femgoth

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    hey guys, did a quick search but cannot find a thread that gives an answer..

    i currently have two main email accounts that i use, one in hotmail, one in gmail. i dont want to merge the two together at all as the gmail is for work/uni and android login etc, and the hotmail for everything else. further the hotmail account has a huge list of filters set up for ebay, paypal, bills, linkedin etc etc.

    i just bought a nexus 7 for xmas and wonder if anyone knows of a widget that can show mail from both email accounts. i currently have the stock gmail widget and a hotmail one on there so emails are shown as they come in on my homescreen, but i want one that combines the two.

    anyone know of anything free and simple to use, resizeable etc.

    another issue i have is the hotmail app/widget will not delete emails from the account if i select and delete, it only removes them from the phone list, whereas gmail app lets you delete them from account.

  2. RyanB

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