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  1. phillychower

    phillychower Member This Topic's Starter

    May 3, 2010
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    This is my first Android phone, previous bb user. My question is regarding contacts, so just as a data point, I use Touchdown and Facebook as well.

    When composing a message, is there anyway to get the gmail app to just suggest people in "My contacts" on gmail.com, or even only names I previously emailed from gmail on my phone would be better.

    I made the mistake of letting my phone sync all my gmail contacts before clearing them out. I have since narrowed down my contacts to ~50 on gmail.com (it was 523).

    It seems like the phone still sees the the 523. In People, Menu, View, I have unselected Google (523), so at least I don't see any gmail contacts in my People App. I don't understand why it still says 523 there though, when I go to gmail.com I only have 54 contacts. Is there a way to re-sync without doing a hard reset?

    The most annoying part is when I go to type a message on my phone in gmail, it seems to be searching through the old 523 gmail contacts (maybe some facebook contacts too) and suggesting way too many people.

    On blackberry, the gmail app was good about only suggesting names I previously typed in which was much easier to deal with.

    Am I missing something, or should I bite the bullet and do a hard reset?



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